Tuesday, November 02, 2004

You know what to do

If you are a citizen of the US and you are eligible to vote, please do your duty today and cast your ballot. If you aren't sure where to go, you can get all the information you need from DemocracyNet. You can find your polling information by entering your state or zip code above the US map.

Speaking of civic duties, I was released from jury duty. The defense (in this case, a big corporation being sued for wrongful termination) used his "peremptory challenge" to dismiss me. You can find out a little about this process here. So, it's back to the salt mines for me. To be honest, I wouldn't have minded serving but there was one woman there who seemed unable to grasp the fact that if I am rapidly reading a lace pattern and knitting at the same time, it's exceedingly hard for me to also hold a conversation. At one point, I had ripped out and restarted a bit of the neckline lace three times in the course of a short conversation. Perhaps my expectations are unreasonable, but even when I'd try to read a magazine, she'd insist on talking to me. I'm not sure I could have handled 8 days of her and still remain pleasant. When the six of us were waiting for our dismissal papers, we got to see the new potential jurors awaiting their turn. This guy was there, looking none too pleased.

I did get some knitting done, though:

This next stretch will be a long slow one, as I work 2x2 ribbing with shaping in the round. I did try it on before beginning the lower section and I'm quite pleased, but until it's complete I won't know if I love it or not.

I want to answer a couple of comment questions. Firstly, I will be keeping the banner since all who chimed in said good things, and no voice dissented. Thanks for all your sweetness. Second, I will most likely offer a pattern for Bella P, though some of the math will take me a while to work out. Hopefully, I can have my size up in short order and get to the other sizes later. If any of you have specific sizing request, leave me a comment and I'll try to accommodate.

Ok, and now for the most important part of the post, more Panda news. I feel a motherly need to boast for a bit. We brought Panda to Venice Beach this weekend, fully expecting that it'd be a horrible ordeal for her and that we'd have to leave right away. Well, in fact, she did wonderfully.

After a couple minutes of being a little overwhelmed, she was trotting down the boardwalk, tail out, sniffing crazy folks and tourists. Mostly, I think she was set on trying to get to the water but we were proud nonetheless. This is a dog who used to cower in fear in the most benign of public places, a year ago. For whatever folks think of medicating dogs, the anti-anxiety meds she's on are really improving her quality of life. I couldn't be happier.

As a reward for her super improvement, we brought her to a beach in Ventura county where dogs are permitted, and let her run around in the water.

A sweet chocolate lab was trying to win Panda's heart, but she wouldn't have any of it. C'est la vie.


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