Sunday, November 28, 2004

Oh Brother

I just dropped my brother off at the airport. It was great having him out here and we packed a lot into a short weekend. On Thursday, we made a huge spread and ate ourselves stupid. Leo suggested we go check out some nightlife since crowds would be minimal and the likelihood of a cover charge would be slim to nil. I was dubious, but he was right. We started at the Bonaventure for a couple cocktails and then over to The Standard.

You can find tons of pictures from our night out here. I've included captions with the large version of each picture. There are pictures both from the club on the roof and the great hotel restaurant on the first floor. If you are in LA, it's a great place to get a little food late at night.

The next day we went to Ventura beach so Panda could run around.

You can see some pictures here.

What we all didn't know was that Matt had a horrible 24 hour flu that he was attempting to out will. While he stuck out the trip to the beach, he was bed ridden for the rest of the day, sick as a dog. We know it wasn't food poisoning since we didn't poison him and we all had the same food, so we had to chalk it up to an evil virus. He recovered yesterday and we all managed to go out for one more night in Burbank. We forgot our camera but we did catch a picture with Leo's camera phone of Matt doing karaoke.

He sang "Ring of Fire". We also took him to the Burbank Bar and Grill for some cheesy 80s cover music. The band was surprisingly good and we all had a fairly tame evening.

There isn主t much in the way of knitting to report. Hopefully I主ll have something for you soon.


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