Saturday, October 16, 2004


All I can say is "wow". I didn't realize so many people would like, or take my quiz. Quizilla tells you how many people have taken your quiz and I'm at well over 2000 in just a couple days. Cool!

So a bunch of you asked for merchandise with my graphics. Cafepress offers a 15 day trial for their full service. I've gone ahead and set up a store there where you can get items with the illustrations on them. After 15 days, it'll cost me money to keep the store open, so if no one buys anything, I'll close the store, but if you guys buy enough stuff to pay the monthly charge, I'll leave the store open and keep adding stuff, when I can.

Check out the store here.

I finished Leo's hat and will have pictures up soon. He appears to like it and since it's marginally different than my other hats for men, I'll post a pattern for it.


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