Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tales of Leo

I got a call at work from Leo, who was sounding both amused and confused. He had just gone to get his hair cut at a place within walking distance from our house. He's been going to this guy since we moved to this apartment a year ago and had liked his work. He was quick and no-nonsense and really affordable. The results were always good, so there was no reason to trek out to Melrose Ave or Beverly Hills for a haircut.
While I do love to get a call from Leo, during the day, I did wonder how much there was to discuss about his haircut. The story went a little something like this:

"So I was getting my hair cut and the guy starts giving me a massage [editor's note: some of the nicer salons will give scalp and neck massages on slow days, nothing weird there.] He starts working my back but then moves up under my shirt and begins working my chest. [editor's note: um, that's a little weird.] I try asking him a few questions like: "So are you going to school for massage?" to which the guy replies, "Oh yes, I need 50 more hours to graduate." Having never had a massage, I figured the guy knew what he was doing and I just tried to relax. I started to wonder, though, as his hands headed towards the "red light district." He skirts the perimeter but still, he's getting a bit close for comfort. Then, he moves his hands over the groin, outside my pants, and begins pressing down. So my question to you is, is that supposed to happen in a massage or is this like that Friend's episode where Joey's tailor goes for a cup and feel while measuring his inseam?"

I'm having a little trouble breathing between laughs and explain that standard massage might involve some tush rubbing but should never cross over into the genetalia. Leo got felt up at his hair appointment. What I love about Leo, though, is that he just laughs it off. Granted, he'll never frequent that establishment again, but he still sees the humor in the whole thing.

In knitting news, that's still topical to our subject today, I'm working on a hat for my Leo. While he's been every supportive of my knitting and even wore my most pathetic first attempt at a hat pattern, he is, nevertheless, quite picky about what he'll wear. He prefers fine gauges knits that aren't too warm (we do live in LA, after all) and prefers soft and luxurious yarns.

While the yarn is simply cotton, here, it's worked on US #2 needles in 1x1 ribbing in the round. Leo designed the stripe layout. I'm also employing a jogless stripe technique that I really like. This is the one I've been using. The long and short of it is, you simply start your new stripe in a different spot. So, you knit to the end of your main color round, snip your yarn if needed, slip to a few stitches away and start your new color, finishing at the new starting point. Repeat for all subsequent stripes.


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