Thursday, October 07, 2004


I can't post any of my own pictures today, because Leo's in San Francisco on a job interview for a couple of days. He brought the camera along with him to snap pictures of all the things I'm missing because I'm down here in LA. He has already procured some chocolate for me and will be picking up some sourdough bread on his way home, so I won't feel completely left out. It's probably just as well that I don't have the camera, I'd gladly snap a shot of the hat progress, but I don't think any of you would be that impressed. When you get about 11 rows to the inch, and only have about 30 minutes to an hour a day to knit, progress is uninspiring. I do hope to have enough time this weekend to finish the hat, though.

I think I've found some inspiration for my stash of Paco.
Click on image for larger view:

This sweater is from Newport News. While I have been getting their catalog for years, I have two complaints about their stuff.

  1. I am a small but not petite woman. I'm 5''5" and about 125 lbs. By many mid-ranged store standards I'm a sized medium, or maybe a small, wearing about a size 5-7. Newport News generally offers clothing down to size 4 and I swim in them. Their only clothing that ever fits me is generally from their Boutique Europa collection, if they offer the item in a size 2 and even that can be roomy for me. I suppose I'm not complaining, except that I really just end up buying stuff from there that I can never wear.

  2. If you buy anything from them, you will get multiple catalogs from them EVERY WEEK. I kid you not, I will get the same catalog with a different cover three or four times a month. Each will have a slightly different promotional offer on the front, but is otherwise the same. They kill more trees than any company I've ever bought from.

Because of this, I generally don't buy from them anymore, or if I do, I simply buy shoes. But, I have been eyeing this sweater for a while now. I think I want to work the same concept into a sweater of my own.
Things I like:

  1. Lace around neckline with slight overlap

  2. Very fitted silhouette

  3. Deep low cut v-neck

  4. Length

  5. Empire waist

Things I don't particularly like:

  1. The seam at the empire waist. I might do a little lace there, but not an exposed seam like that

  2. The rows of double crochet below the empire waist

  3. The sleeves

I'm not sure what I think of the puffed sleeve cap. I'm leaning towards not liking it.

What I think I will do is keep the general neck treatment and work up some lace that I like. I'll probably do a 3/4 sleeve instead of a full length deal and drop the puffed sleeve all-together.


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