Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vacation Projects

I was able to mostly finish off the Dragon Hoodie en route to Boston. 5.5 hours of flight is ample time to whip off the other arm, ears, spine and spots and the economy seats on America West were surprisingly less veal cage like than other major airlines. That said, I was slightly slowed by the teenie bopper in the seat next to me. For some reason, even though she was half my width she seemed to be all elbows, knocking into me every time she had to adjust the volume on her headset (approximately once ever twenty minutes) and when she'd break into spontaneous seat dancing, even whilst watching a movie sans music.

I spent most of my remaining yarn time on the poncho. How many of you out there enjoy finishing? Does weaving in ends and assembling pieces give you a rush? Yah, me neither. If you aren't a big fan of assembling and weaving, I'd avoid projects involving tons of little motifs. In the end, though, I have to admit, I think it looks pretty darn cute. I've gotten all the tedious stuff out of the way and have washed and lightly blocked the piece.

Next, I'll need to add fringe all around and work a button band and neck band. That should go fairly quickly. I'll also post a pattern shortly.

Finally, my sweet Leo came home from running errands with these:

No reason, just because he's a big ol' sweetie.


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