Thursday, September 16, 2004

No Vacancies on the Couch

My brother arrives late late late today, or, to be more technically correct, at 1AM Friday morning. I finally finished the last of the cleaning I wanted to do, so it won't appear that we live in filth.

Yesterday I ran my second Stitch and Bitch at work. It's been a lot of fun. The first week, 3 other people came. This week, those 3 were there, plus 2 more. All my knitters can knit and purl now and are working in stockinette stitch. One of the knitters from last week came back with over a foot of stockinette that she had done over the course of the week. It was just lovely. She wanted to know why it curled and we discussed that a bit and then I taught her ribbing and she was doing beautifully. By the end of the S&B she was proclaiming "Oh god, I can tell a knit from a purl stitch now!"

My one crocheted was doing great as well. She was working in single crochet and was cranking along at a great clip. Her hope is to do Granny Squares someday, so next week we learn to double crochet.

I've managed to score the best conference room with a view for every Wednesday at 11, so if nothing else, I think people will come for the mental break from work. Hey, it sure beats closing the door to my basement office and knitting alone.


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