Thursday, September 30, 2004

Feeling Retro

In an RGB world, I'm going to be a little Black and White, today.

First off, to the very sweet Michelle Sorensen, thank you so much for sending me those K-Tel knitter instructions. Just so you all know, with the instructions provided, I can now make this:

Actually, truth be told, there are some cute little patterns in the book, but nothing gets me in a better mood than a good pant suit pattern. Just imagine, if someone dreamed it up, at least one person had to make it. It makes me think of this post, from the always amusing Stitchy McYarnpants.

And in non-knitting but still black and white news:

This was last night at bedtime. I always go to bed before Leo, so he tucks in Panda and me before going back to his thing. Panda was laying on the cute like no one's business, last night. It's not that she isn't always cute, but come on, even if you don't like dogs, you must think she's pretty darn cute, here. ;o)

I ran my weekly Stitch and Bitch yesterday and one of my students has started her first scarf. She's only had two lessons and had done a very long swatch with stockinette, ribbing and garter stitch. May I repeat that to you? TWO lessons, and she did not have my undivided attention in either instance. I'm so proud of her. All of my students have done well, actually, at least those who have made it to more than one lesson. As far as I'm concerned, it's not going to work for everyone but if there's low to no pressure and a good group of folks, then those who want to learn will have the support to do so.

I do want to ask all you left handed knitters and knitting teachers who aren't ambidextrous a question. What is the best approach for teaching left handed knitters if you are a right handed knitter? I can knit with my left hand, but it's sloppy and I really can't purl. I feel like I'm pretty limited in what I can offer a person, in that respect. I've been teaching my students the right handed method, but I feel that's pretty unfair to the left handed folks who work twice as hard to get the same results.


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