Monday, August 09, 2004

Saturday Trouble Makers

Check out the cute picture my friend George took on Saturday night. We all went back to a favorite hangout of ours, the Canal Club in Venice, CA. It wasn't the same without our friend T-Bird spinning, but it was a good time. We even met a new couple, Elena and Marty, who were just as lovely and sweet as could be.

Great night, indeed.

In knitting news, my mysterious purple fishnet piece is completed and awaiting unveiling at a later date. I have been making poncho squares while dreaming up possibilities form my stainless steel yarn. I just wish there were more knitting hours in my day. I主ve been considering bringing my knitting to work for some lunch time yarn bonding, but I generally eat at my desk so it's probably not worth packing everything up each day and unpacking it at night.


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