Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Random Marnie Thoughts

It sometimes worries me that I dream about knitting, especially when I'm thinking a lot about a particular project. Right now I'm trying to decide how I want to work up my stainless steel yarn. It's highly textured, so the stitch will be STst, but what to do with it? Well, the knitting fairy blessed me with odd dreams about solutions which I may be playing with soon.
All I can say is that I'd rather dream about knitting than dream about work.

When someone places comments on my blog I get a little email with the text. Getting one of those while I'm at work completely makes my day. I just wish I had a means of thanking more of you out there individually.

I think my dog is cuter, smarter, sweeter, and better behaved than any other dog in the universe. Of course, if you have one, your dog is a close second ;o)

I use sitemeter to track my traffic. I can tell me from where someone linked to me. Normally, it is a wonderful thing. It's so motivating to think people like the designs I make. Well, I suppose I should have felt thoroughly warned when I saw a link for a group called "Knitflame" but my curiosity is oh-so-powerful.
If you happen to be a yahoo group member of something else, you can join the group and see the thread here:

For those who don't want to join the thread, the opening post says this:

"What the f- is gorgeous about these exactly"

and then has a link to my very first pattern, ever, my leg warmers. *sigh*


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