Monday, August 16, 2004

Back To The Salt Mines

Please insert you favorite cliche about Mondays here. Thanks.

Generally, when my alarm goes off in the morning, I snooze once, lightly, and get up without a problem, but this morning I got nine more minutes of deep-dead-dream-about-wacky-things kind of sleep which always means it's going to be slow going. How does anyone survive without coffee? I hope I never have to know.

Knitting is productive but I'm finishing off the second part of that super secret mystery project so nothing to post on that. I should be done tomorrow or the day after and then I can get back to pseudo public knitting.

I want to send some big warm love to Jody of Savannah Chik and Julia from Mind of Winter. Both blogged to my site recently and said things that were so kind I couldn't help but blush. Gee wilikers and gosh.

Oh, and before I forget, I finally got a pair of shoes to wear to that wedding for which I made the shrug. They are super simply little brown flats that look a little like ballet shoes. They dona^?(TM)t necessarily match but I think theya^?(TM)ll look cute and considering the wedding is fairly a^?oeshoes optionala^?? I figure ita^?(TM)s nothing to stressing over.


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