Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Never too much yarn

Well, I wish I had time to post pictures before work, but I don't because I got up late. Imagine, the one day in years that Leo is up at 6 AM when he doesn't need to be, and it happens to be the one day in a decade that I've forgotten to set my alarm clock. Lucky me.

Well, last night I got, yet another, box of yarn. It was yarn that I ordered from Smiley's Yarns. I had a little trouble with my last order because I hadn't noticed the multiple warnings saying that you must order, at least, $30 worth of yarn for them to deliver. I had gotten my confirmation letter but my spam filter ate the one telling me about my oversight. Why would I order yarn when I have so much already? Well, there are two little girls for whom I'm making items. One is getting my Flapper Hat, the other is getting a little poncho. Both will be in lovely shades of spring. It's amazing how much yarn $35 bought me from Smileys.


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