A compelling reason to buy the pattern


I have a feeling that almost everyone who reads my blog, also reads Julia's, but if you haven't seen, this, you are missing out.


Granted, the hat is knit for someone a little bit bigger than little Griffin is right now, but I still think he rocks it.

If you think that's cute, you can up the CQ (cuteness quotient) exponentially by adding some baby bell bottoms and some itty bitty toes.


I may not want kids for myself, but I sure love how they make knits look.

In unrelated news, blogging is probably going to be really sparse for the next week and a half. Leo has to make a last minute trip down to Uruguay for a family emergency. I've got my fingers crossed that things are less dire than they sound, but in the interim, I'll be basically cameraless and busy holding down the fort. Luckily, I'll have this great eyecandy at the top of the page, until blogging recommences.


Thanks for posting such adorable photos. He's so beautiful!

Also, I hope everything goes okay with Leo and his family. You'll both be in my thoughts.

Sweet, sweet baby. No more for me, but I love to knit for them!

I hope everything works out ok for Leo and his family. Cute baby pics!

absolutely adorable. i hope everything goes well with leo's trip. safe travels...

Aww. I'm totally planning to buy this pattern to make the hat for my unborn daughter. Every child has a little monster in them, right?

Umyeah...the little man totally rocks his hat! So freaking cute!

There's something about the little guy, the hat, and the pants that reminds me of "Where the Wild Things Are."

Hope things will work out with the family emergency.

Uruguay? Hope everything is OK.

Awww - Griffin says hi. Give my best wishes to Leo. I'll send healthy thoughts his way.

AAAwwww I almost contemplated having a kid, just to have a little model on hand, but thought no the commitment to care just to have an in house model was just too much....so got two greyhounds instead

that's a pretty sweet hat.....

Just found your blog through your flickr, which I found through your KUMN photo of the day! I'm in love with this hat and monster! Gotta get that pattern and knit away. How fun!

Here are some healing thoughts to yourself and Leo - I miss your witty quips!

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