Beaches and Bikes


Who doesn't love a long weekend?

Saturday was all about relaxing and spending a bit of time with friends.

Sunday, we hit the beach.

IMG_0079 IMG_0067


IMG_0182 IMG_0180

And Monday we rode our bikes around our neighborhood. I have a Springer on my bike, but we've never tried it with Thea. Isn't that absurd? Leo wanted to make sure that she wouldn't pull too hard, so he rode my bike a bit and I rode his.

leo and thea on bike

Frankly, I think it takes a very manly man to ride a Hello Kitty bike.

Though, admittedly, he feels more at home on his own bike.

leo with finger

He's clearly very mature.

Still, who can hold a grudge with such views.

birds2 parkview2
blackberries parkview1

Just a lovely way to end a great weekend.


What a georgous weekend! Thank you for sharing! As always the pups are beyond precious! :)

was that finger directed at you?!
true true, the views are lovely.

Hello Kitty bikes lend a certain sexiness to the rider that cannot be obtained in any other manner.

Yah, I can tell that Leo and my DH would get along great. It takes a certain type of man to deal on a long-term basis with the Fiber Obsessed...

hahah leo on a hello kitty bike...pretty funny!

Looks like you had an absolutely lovely Labor Day weekend!! :)

I've never tried Chappy with a bike--I worry that he would pull me over, or get tangled in the wheels, Springer or no! (Of course, the fact that my bike hasn't moved in about 10 years puts serious doubt on its tire integrity anyway, so I'm not anxious to test that any time soon!)

Oh, and Chappy thanks you for the compliment on his great catch.

I just had to comment on the hello kitty bike riding. Takes a real man to ride a pink bike indeed. I thought mine was pretty brave to ride my bike with the big hamburger bell on it, but yours definitely take the prize. Cute pictures, as always. Aren't long weekends the best?

OMG, this weekend was sooo nice! Long weekends (where Sundays are followed by yet another day off) really can't be beat. Leo on the Hello Kitty bike is the best- very manly indeed! :)

Haha, flip flops and helmet! ;)
Well, it's a bike bike not an m/c, but it still makes me laugh.

Gorgeous weekend, silly outfits, bikes and (just scratching, I'm sure) fingers aside. :P

OMG - I didn't know you could get Hello Kitty bikes - my older daughter is a huge fan - has been since she was about 8. Maybe for her BD (end of May). Our weekend was ruined by the news that my son in law's employer wants him to move to San Francisco. Very bad news for all of us! And he'll probably be looking for another job.

I'm glad to see a real person using the Springer, I saw it on TV but wasn't sure if it was for real. We live in a really hilly neighborhood and I thought about rollerblading with my German Shepherd, but we would die.

Oh, girl, I was just re-reading this entry and so totally noticed that Leo shoots a southern-style bird! Busted! you Miami 'mano, you! heheheh...

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