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When I think of Julia, I think of clean and flattering designs with thoughtful feminine details. There's never anything fussy or kitschy, and her materials are top notch. Even in a time of pom-pom and sequined yarns, Julia's taste was merino and silk, which is why I never expected her to pick up a few yards of this fabric, when she started sewing again.

Topless Cowboy Apron

Pinup girls be damned, I'm looking at some shirtless cowboys!

But the thing is, I love this fabric. As I mentioned in the comments of her post about this fabric, a couple years ago, it reminds me of an art project I made in the 7th grade, using Jockey underwear ads. I'll leave it at that.

But that was something like 2 years ago. I'd forgotten those handsome devils and their pickup trucks. I'd forgotten, that is, until I opened my mailbox yesterday and found this:

Topless Cowboy Apron

Great googily moogily! It's topless cowboys in apron form! Do you see this? Check out those sweet little sage green pockets and long ties. There's even a little loop, perfect for holstering one's tongs or, even a hammer, were one so inclined.

Well, I loved it so much that I thought it deserved a proper photo shoot, including vintage dress, rolling pin and a bit of hamming it up for the camera.

Topless Cowboy Apron Topless Cowboy Apron

What can I say but, thank you, Julia, this apron is the best.


Amazing. Just amazing.

I remember that fabric! And can I get a HUZZAH!

What a wonderful apron, just perfect! Yay Julia!

Now that's an apron a girl could get excited about. What a wonderful surprise!

what a great housewarming gift! love that fabri

Oh my God that is one hell of an apron. Fantastic.

Now that is the mark of a true friend! Hot damn is right.

That is a hot apron. Love it.

Uh, that looks alright, but where's your pearls? No "real" woman would be in the kitchen looking like that without proper heels and pearls? Honestly now.

But did Julia send along an appropriate apron for Leo, too?


Would like to see the faces if THAT ONE showed up at the church supper!

Really, really delightful.

Hot damn is right! Way to beat those shirtless cowboys into submission with that rolling pin. You look so coy in those photos. Loving it!
What a fantastic surprise! You are a lucky woman to have such a thoughtful friend.
p.s. Thanks for the Zappa reference. Totally made my day!

Awww, I love your photoshoot for the apron. It's totally spot on. I had an amazing time making it for you. It reminded me of the great times we had the year I found that fabric.

i just scared the cats,lol.

that's awesome!

at our last meet up, julia was talking about housewarming gifts for you and mentioned the hot cowboy fabric. and i thought it would be a fabulous gift for you, you of the quirky sense of humour. so glad you like looks awesome. go, j!

Awesome apron!!! Love the photos. What does Leo think of it?

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