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Yesterday was Julia's baby shower, where crafty women, from far and wide, came to rain gifts and well wishes on Julia and her li'l bun in the oven. It was so great to see my local friends and meet some amazing women I hadn't met before. Such a great day.


Honestly, so many people were taking pictures that I didn't go to great lengths to get all the prime shots, but you can see what I took, over on Fickr.

But there are a couple of shots that I'd like to highlight, for totally selfish reasons.

IMG_0092.JPG IMG_0091.JPG

See those bad boys? Their name is Alsace Le Monstre and the patterns for each will be available soon.

Here's a more detailed shot that will appear in the pattern.

doll and hat together2.jpg

In the mean time, I leave you with a little more sweetness


Townes sleeping in Mary-Heather's gorgeous mobile from Kat's Baby Boho book.

And, my friend Chrissy's dog, Akasha, wearing a hand knit sweater.


Yes, she is real, not a stuffed animal, and yes, yes, yes, she is ridiculously cute.


That pattern picture? Is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I love love love the stuffie and the hat!!!

It was so great to see you and get to hang out yesterday, too. :) It will be awesome to get to hang out more when you move to Albuquerque!

Oh, how wonderful! I love the Alsaces!

Please tell me that tiny, tiny woman is only 5 or 6 months pregnant...because at 9 months right now, I could eat her.

WTH, I wanna come hang out with you and Mary Heather!

damn, I never saw so much freakin cuteness in one blog post before in my life, seriously. I can't wait for that hat pattern, soo funny for halloween for BG! Your kid designs are always so great, love it!

Yay! Yesterday was so much fun! It was great to see you & look forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon!

And I must say, Alsace le Monsteur was even more adorable in person!

That is a great hat and monster..sure to be popular!Looks like you girls all had a lot of fun together!

Firstly, the hat and monster are just adorable!

Secondly, I'm not sure I believe that delicious piece of fluff is a dog. Is it REALLY?

love the monster and hat! and that poor, poor dog! it seriously looks like a little toy :)
where was the shower? did you drive to cali?

yesterday was too fun. it was so great to see you. and everyone, that alsace monster and hat are amazing in real life!

Julia looks so pretty :) What great gifts!! Love that hat, Marnie!! So much cuteness -- specially that pup!! Are you moving? Did I miss something?

Love the monster patterns! And the cat in the mobile is too cute.

I love my monster and Moxie is anxiously awaiting his! When I said not to worry I was going to make him one, he pouted and said "but I thought Marnie was going to make it for me..." Apparently he knows who is quicker to produce the hand knit gifts! It was very, very cool to have a monster designed for my little parasite and named after his joke name. I know that as soon as he can grasp it and drool all over it they will be inseparable. I love the shot you took of Townie taking possession of the baby's mobile (it's still his and has cat hair on it to prove his ownership!), and the shot of Akasha just slays me. Too freaking cute for words.

Dogs in sweaters often look embarassed to me but that little white sweetie is rockin' that look!

I am loving Alsace Le Monstre! (Since I originally come from Alsace - I am very curious about the name choice!)

Omigosh, that dog takes the cake! It's a good thing the baby hadn't yet made it's appearance, as I'm afraid it may have been upstaged by that, as you put it, ridiculously cute dog!

I love the monsters! ;-)

=Dhaha Akasha is adorable... It needs to be in a birdcage to keep it from getting broken! I think I saw a cat once cough something bigger =) lol

Looks like a great time! Love the monsters.... can't wait.

I am from Alsace, and I've never seen this type of monster before! It's adorable :)

I gave you a 10 for the cute factor of this post! Monsters, kitty and pups!! Oh my

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