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Alyson and Eva have started a Knit Along for the Bellocq pattern.

Alyson is knitting hers for her wedding, which is probably about as wonderful a compliment as any designer could ask for. Even if you don't plan to knit these socks, you may enjoy following along just to see how her stockings turn out. For anyone who may be considering this pattern, I'll be checking in and answering questions as they arise.

Bellocq now available


Stitch Diva is now selling the Belocq pattern.

I have also create a page in my pattern section that includes a photo that allows you to see the lace in more detail.

I have to dig through my old photos and see if I have any more pictures of the samples I knit before sending them off. I know I have some of the cuban heel detail, though most also include my various life lines.

Anyway, I'm hoping that people enjoy knitting these as much as I enjoyed creating them.

9 months in the making


Wow, I was going through my old emails, to see when I started my project with Stitch Diva Studios, and it was nearly 9 months ago. The owner, Jennifer, contacted me while I was at BlogHer, to see if I'd be interested in designing some stockings inspired by the photography of E. J. Bellocq (WARNING: Probably not safe for work).

Normally, I think that most people design their patterns, send them off to whomever, and await questions from the tech editor. That's usually about as much interaction as you'll ever have. With Stitch Diva Studios, the entire process, from conception, to test knitting to tech editing, is interactive with all parties involved, and I had a pretty large party to attend. It was great. I couldn't list everyone involved without making this sound like a bad academy awards speech so I'll just say that I was really glad to have such great people working on my pattern.

The Pattern is called Bellocq, and is being previewed right now at Stitch Diva Studios. You can see the pattern by clicking here or click the image below.

Image Copyright Stitch Diva Studios. All rights reserved.

It's not for sale yet, but will be soon, so if you are interested, please check back at the link above, or join their mailing list.



One Ms. Eve Ng has won our grand prize. She has chosen to receive a pair of knitting needles. She's left it up to me to choose which ones.

The remaining items will be sold in the near future.

For now, I'm sorting and charting and playing around with the 70 submissions I've received from all of you.

I'm fascinated and a little daunted by how many sizes and shapes we all come in. This should be a challenging project indeed.

I have a huge favor to ask you guys out there. I'm working on a pattern for a company and I need to have some good leg measurements for all different kinds of women, from petit to zaftig. I would NOT expect anyone to want to leave those sorts of measurements in my comments, so I'm hoping I can sweet talk you into emailing me those measurements with assurance that your numbers and names will never be released in combination with each other.

So, what I'd need is:

  1. Circumference at ball of foot

  2. Circumference at ankle

  3. Circumference at knee

  4. Distance from ankle to knee

  5. Circumference at mid thigh (Sit down. Measure halfway between knee and crease of lap)

  6. Distance from knee to mid thigh

or click the "Contact" button above. Either will allow you to send me an email. Include the subject line "my leg" and the measurements for each number in the body of the message.

And because I know this is a bit of a pain in the butt, I'll be sending one random contributor a special gift. The winner will be picked Friday night and can choose either a knitting or a spinning related little prize.

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