Bellocq now available


Stitch Diva is now selling the Belocq pattern.

I have also create a page in my pattern section that includes a photo that allows you to see the lace in more detail.

I have to dig through my old photos and see if I have any more pictures of the samples I knit before sending them off. I know I have some of the cuban heel detail, though most also include my various life lines.

Anyway, I'm hoping that people enjoy knitting these as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Gorgeous! I love these. They were worth the effort and I know that with something like 45 charts that is saying a lot.

those are truly beautiful. i'm so impressed. while i'm on a "can't buy anything til i know what my taxes are going to be like" diet, if i ever get through with it, they're on my list

That is a wonderful pattern. Nice pictures, too.

I can't wait to start mine! I downloaded the pattern yesterday and returned the two skeins of Socks that Rock for kneesocks in exchange for four skeins to make the thigh-highs. (If I cop out, I can always stop at the knee!)

How long did it take your test knitter to do the thigh highs?

Very lovely lace socks! I was going to sample knit these, but I had to finish knitting a design I made for Yahaira of's book. Maybe some day I'll be lucky enough to get an opportunity to sample knit another design of yours. :)

Absolutely stunning! I love the lace pattern!


Hi Marnie,

I just wanted to make sure you're aware that your blog is in the queue for the Fiber Arts Bloggers ring, because you don't have any code up since you moved your blog. I just sent you the code again--please let me know if you don't get it? I'd love to get you back in the ring. :)


Very pretty! I love the ribbon detail. Does it have customizable calf shaping for the more.. um.. zaftig of us out there who want pretty thigh highs?

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