9 months in the making


Wow, I was going through my old emails, to see when I started my project with Stitch Diva Studios, and it was nearly 9 months ago. The owner, Jennifer, contacted me while I was at BlogHer, to see if I'd be interested in designing some stockings inspired by the photography of E. J. Bellocq (WARNING: Probably not safe for work).

Normally, I think that most people design their patterns, send them off to whomever, and await questions from the tech editor. That's usually about as much interaction as you'll ever have. With Stitch Diva Studios, the entire process, from conception, to test knitting to tech editing, is interactive with all parties involved, and I had a pretty large party to attend. It was great. I couldn't list everyone involved without making this sound like a bad academy awards speech so I'll just say that I was really glad to have such great people working on my pattern.

The Pattern is called Bellocq, and is being previewed right now at Stitch Diva Studios. You can see the pattern by clicking here or click the image below.

Image Copyright Stitch Diva Studios. All rights reserved.

It's not for sale yet, but will be soon, so if you are interested, please check back at the link above, or join their mailing list.


Its so great to know where the inspiration came from. i love Bellocq. Stitch Diva did a nice styling job, very pretty, kind of retro 70's does the old timey look. Oh, and your socks are fab. That's a lot of sock knitting!

Oh Marnie, they're beautiful!! I love that you have different options (long or short, different heel, etc). Can't wait to get it!

I'm dreaming about the thigh-highs already.

Just BEAUTIFUL--what a talent you are.

Beautiful stockings!

How beautiful! I'll have to consider buying, even though I'm a bit on the large side for the XL... Maybe I'll just have to lose weight? ;)

congratulations -- it's a gorgeous pattern! i'm sure it's been as well-written as it is pretty to look at too.

i have a feeling this one will be making its rounds on the blogs real soon.

Wow, those are beautiful. The stockings are so glamorous! Incredible job. (:

Beautiful design, and all of the fit and style options make it a great design for such a variety of women. I loved seeing the photos that were the inspiration for the design, too - they are great portraits.

Oh, those are beautiful! They will be a must knit when the pattern is released.

These are amazing!

I've been anxiously awaiting this pattern for a few weeks now - I can't wait for it to be released! I have been on the hunt for the perfect pattern for my wedding stockings, and I'd settled on a couple but none of them really grabbed me - until I saw these - they're going to be PERFECT. (There are few things that really matter for that day - but the handknits have to be just right!)


I have been wondering why you needed all those leg/foot measurements so long ago! The stockings are beautiful- I can't wait to get them on my needles!

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