For some of us, it's a better day than it is for others


It's Independence Day, here in the states which Panda would probably call, "the worst freakin' day of the entire year, which sucks donkey balls and makes me want to pee myself." Or something along that line. With the holiday falling on a Friday, we can expect a weekend of fireworks and a truly miserable dog who is completely inconsolable. Well, the panchetta offered a brief (very brief,) distraction, but she was entirely uninterested in the peanut butter, which should tell you something. That whole "try to make something scary positive" tactic just doesn't work in this case.

Thea is fine, thanks for asking.

Leo, is on a weekend motor-pickle ride up near Fork, Washington, where he is doing reconnaissance for future camping trips with the rest of us. This left me to catching up on loads of knitting, pattern writing and some cleaning that are all sorely in need of my attention. In case you are wondering, it was my idea that he go solo, since I just wouldn't have the time to join him.

But, my friends Larry and Erica offered to make me homemade waffles for breakfast today, which is about as fantabulous an offer as I could envision. So, bright and early, after my first full night's sleep in, probably, 2 weeks, I took the train to the Pearl district to see them.

When they opened the door, they were wearing...

They are way too cute for their own good. And, no, they don't walk around town in matchy matchy get-ups, they donned them in unison for my benefit. **squee!**

Then Erica gave me gifts for the girls, from Canada, which Chewie (short for Chewbacca) promptly bonded with.

Chewie's just too cute to deny.

After that, Larry got down to BIZ-NIZ!

We're talking fresh farmer's market berries, waffle batter from scratch, crisp pepper bacon and a festive apron. YUM!

While enjoying warm fluffy waffles (is anyone else feeling hungry right now?) Erica mentioned a glass spinning wheel at the local craft museum, and I knew exactly what she was talking about.

So, of course, even though the museum was closed, we had to go walk by and get my classy mug in front of it, because I had no idea it was hanging out right in my little city.

Then I started hamming it up.

There's a far far less flattering picture (ok, maybe a few pictures) as well, and my friends are likely to chime in about the obvious omission here, but that is one of the great benefits to having full editorial control over the content of my site.

Anyway, it was a lovely little break from what is likely to be a pretty busy weekend for me, so yay for that.


Oh poor whittle Panda -- my whittle Bruno agrees completely about all the ruckus!

Sounds like you were onto getting alot done! You are way ahead of me .... I knit today... ummm to comfort dear Bruno... ya knitting calms him down... interesting, eh? After all he is my dog!!

That spinning wheel is so awesome -- thank you for sharing! You look gorgeous as always Miss Marnie!

What fab friends -- love the shirts!! I may have to get one though I'm not sure what I'll tell dear Bruno -- he gets jealous.

As always -- enjoyed reading about your day and escapades!!


Libélula would shout a hearty amen, but she's high as a kite and doped out of her narrow little skull right now.

Aw, those sweatshirts (and the peeps in 'em) are so cute.

we kept the dogs in our bedroom which by some miracle kept them quiet all night, i was surprised they didn't bark even once, because I jumped a few times myself lol

That glass wheel is pretty neat.

Chappy says Amen! He wants to know WHY people think that making all that noise is a good way to celebrate his birthday. (You DID see his virtual party invitation the other day, right?) And when you add last night's thunderstorms, too, well! Not a good night for my little boy!

I've seen pictures of that glass wheel, but not video of it spinning. Now that's cool--but I think you need a household without energetic four-legged (or two-legged) little ones to have it.

And I'm really quite relieved that I actually HAD homemade waffles with fresh berries on top for breakfast this morning...

Poor Panda! We took our little pooch to the fireworks display in town and she was rather blase' about the whole event.

I then stopped off at my shut-in neighbor's to walk her little dog, Pepper, for her, and couldn't DRAG him out the door. He was too upset by all the banging he'd heard all evening.

I cracked up at your reference to Leo's "motor-pickle". ;-Þ

I can't even imagine spinning on a glass wheel. As klutzy as I am, I'd knock the thing over, for sure, then be surrounded by shattered glass.

You have REALLY great friends! :-)

If over the weekend Panda is still having issues with rampant fireworks from thoughtless neighbors, try Rescue Remedy. It's five flower essences that have a calming, without drugging effect on people and animals (cats & dogs). You can Google it if you'd like. Rescue Remedy comes in a couple sizes so you can try it out in the small bottle for around $9. Usually can be found in the health food aisle of your local mega-mart.

My two were just starting to show effects of stress when I gave them their dose last night. Then we were all feeling much better. My neighbor uses it to calm her grandkids or her DH when he gets anxious. I've also found that it helps when having to drive with a teen learning how to drive.

I think you are really great!! Thank you (for being you). Panda is awesome and so is Thea and Chewie. Monk and Arrow say, 'yeah!!!' Luckily, we live in an area where fireworks are not allowed. I don't like that kind of display either, Panda.

i bet you could spin on that glass wheel and make it look easy. i have never seen such perfect form as you spinning.

waffles, yum. pearl district, yum. great day.

That is total spinning pr0n!! The video, I mean. Not that you're not...oh, never mind, delete!!


After spending years coddling poor Rex every Independence Day, it was a surprise that Oscar didn't even seem to notice the fireworks. The only ones he even took notice of were some neighbors with one of those sparks fountains and I think that's because he thought it might be water to play in. Maybe it's a young dog thing to be blase about such things?

haha what great friends you have! glad thea and panda made it through the weekend alive! no peeing themselves, right? :) i bought my flight to portland! i hope we'll be able to meet up come august!

A glass spinning wheel? That's insane! And beautiful!

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