The results are in...


The winners of the contest I entered, are posted and... I didn't win. Awww.

But that's OK, it's a yearly event and I can always try again.

Don't forget to check out all the winning shots here, and consider donating to your local Humane Society.


awww bummer. i still think some of your photos are better than the ones that won! and not all of them show the collar and tags! disqualification!!!

Aw man! It would be hard to be an editor for this kind of thing, and all those photos are great, but, there are a couple that are just kind of standard dog shots. I wonder if it was because the breeds are popular that they were picked? Like I said, it'd be impossibly hard to be the judges and choose, since I couldn't even choose a favorite pic of Panda and Thea, and yeah, I'm a card carrying member of the Panda and Thea Good Dogs Fan Club and thus biased. Speaking of biased though, the "Sophie" photo is the best, hands down. ;)

The photo of Zoey is an excellent one - great composition & interesting background. But, generally speaking, the rest are pretty blah - bland & not very interesting. I think the photos you submitted were better. It appears that they like photos where the animal occupies most of the frame - something you might want to keep in mind for next year.

As the proud parent =D haha, I know I’m bias, but did they see Panda’s photo in the snow, or at the beach with the surf as a backdrop… I wonder if they get to see all the pictures =/

I agree with Donna. Maybe it's too bad I didn't enter. My little Zero is the cutest little boy dog ever. ^_^

While all animals are cute and the winning photos are nice, come on!? Thea and Panda rock it!

I just love how much personality is conveyed in your photos of Panda and Thea. In my view, you're the winner (and we reap the benefits in coming to your website).


I just looked at your pictures again and they are great! Perhaps the judges thought they looked a little too professional? Whatever!

Have a great time at the baby shower today!

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