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Right after Leo and I met, we both picked up cute little red Ducati bikes. Mine was a Monster named Lorenzo and Leo had a Super Sport named Buttercup. Unfortunately, for most of our time in LA, we had barely enough money for rent and other expenses, and eventually, the bikes had to be put in storage.

But Portland has been good to us and the cost of living is much lower, so we decided to revisit our bikes and decide how we wanted to handle them.

After much assessing and debating, and with a bit of a twinge in our heart, we decided to trade in the two smaller bikes for a bigger bike that would be good both for the long rides the two of us take together and the short commute Leo makes daily to work.


Sexy, no?

It's a 2004 Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS with a mere 2000 miles on it.


Once the rain passes, I think we'll be putting this baby to good use, but even the short rides we've done so far, have been fun.

But that's not all the fun I had this weekend. I also got to host a friend and a fetus for a few days. It wasn't nearly long enough to do all the stuff we wanted, but we fit a lot of fun in, nonetheless. We even got to Larissa and Martin's book signing over at Abundant Yarn.


That store is yarn overload, and Larissa and Martin's book is fantastic.

And I got my book signed




Ha ha! Now you are officially Oregonians! As soon as the weather gets nice, everyone gets on a bike. Both pedal and metal. I used to see a lot riding into the Gorge so that must be a nice ride.

I was there Saturday morning but had friends to visit in their new house Saturday evening so I missed the book party. It is a lovely store.

The names you guys chose for each of your bikes must reflect on the rider, you are Lorenzo and he is Buttercup eh? That's why you knit so fierce!

Oh, a couple of Duc's eh? They're just no fun at all, heh. Yay, for riding together. Hope the rain lets up soon! Did you name the new bike?

What a nice Ducati. That's so nice you ride together! :)

Aw, cr@p. Now I must envy you for not only your smart dogs but also your mad cycling skilsz. I have very nice boots and a very nice helmet as the sole reminders of my Bay Area flirtation with m/c. I took the MSF weekend course and realised, holy cow, I barely trust the drivers around here when I have a steel cage wrapped around me, am I really going to have the balls to tool around my wobbly self on some little Kawi? ( I drooled over the Ducatis, but my midget frame, confidence and budget said I was destined for little bikes...) I sort of regret not sticking to it, but I am a girl who sometimes gets off and walks her mountain bike off and on curbs if they're too tall, and who had training wheels on her huffy for a year (I blame the rutted dirt road though, there's nothing like dropping into a rut that catches your training wheels, it either pushes you over or you end up balanced and gripped and spinnin' that back wheel). I probably had no business on one. I'd like to get a cheap kids dirt bike if we stay here though. This population and traffic density's a little more on my level. ;)

Ride safe!

Nice bike! What's his/her name?

you + new red bike = HOT

That sounds like such fun. I dated a couple guys in the Southeast that had bikes and loved riding together!

I had a motorcycle years ago, and wish I still had one. They're hella fun. Just BE CAREFUL. Cuz they're also dangerous, largely because of the morons in vehicles that tend not to see you.

I'm so glad someone got a decent photo of us at Larissa's book signing - so fun! - and abundant yarns was abundant. Miss you. It went too fast, but it always does. Hope you guys are enjoying your new ride.
Love, J

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