Caught in a ray of sunshine


Two pups napping.


A little more progress on the cowl.



The cowl is coming along nicely. I really like how the waist shaping is done with the vertical stripes

The cowl is coming along nicely. I really like how the waist shaping is done with the vertical stripes

Yes I know Panda, I've been looking out the window like that too. Spring is so exciting!

The cowl is looking good - love the way the ribs follow your curves! The puppies remind me of my 16 month old granddaughter. I was babysitting last week (DD had jury duty) on the first nice day we've had in the Chicago area (almost 60° & sunny even though there were still occasional piles of grimy, icy snow). The baby was fussing when I tried to feed her & kept pointing out the dining room window. One of her brothers said that she wanted me to turn her high chair so she could see out the window into the back yard; so I did. She kept fussing off & on & pointing out the living room windows. Finally she went over to the coat closet, pointed at her jacket & said "Out!" Then she walked to the front door & pointed at the knob! She must think grandma is pretty dense. We went out & she had a couple of happy hours running after her 2 big brothers & the neighbor boy as they rode their bikes up & down the sidewalk.

Wow... the cowl is so looking good! Must show Mum when she's back from work!

I really love how the cowl is turning out, although i think i'd leave the neck as it is (for me atleast) it makes me think of some victorian high collar. I love the waist shaping. I'm nearly finished on bella paquita, and just to say i think youre a knitting genius. Thankyou :)

I love the way the cowl is progressing. So cool how you used the ribbing to create an hourglass figure. Panda looks like she would rather be running outside...or at the beach...while Thea is content to bask in the sun. So cute :)

This post gets 2 "awwws" and an "ooooo"

I also love how that cowl is coming along... hope you plan on putting out a pattern eventually.

Oh what a relaxing moment the girls are having there. *sigh* And the cowl looks great. Really love that neck!

I think this one should be titled vroom, vroom! I didn't realize how curly your body double was until I saw her on film. Love that cowl. xox, J

Beautiful shaping!

Great pics - Sweet pups and lovely cowl! Love the shaping, it will be very flattering!

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