Paging Nurses Panda and Theano


Leo has been sick...icky sick, since Wednesday night. It seems like it may finally be passing, but for a while, he was in rough shape.

Luckily, I didn't have to tend to him alone.


Panda monitored his vital signs.


And Thea...


She made sure Leo got plenty of sleep.


If you haven't already, I suggest you get one of each for yourself, in case you get sick.

When they weren't tending to the sick, they helped me get a few shots of the cowl in progress.


I actually knit about a skein's worth of cowl and hated what I did. I got a little too creative with it and it wasn't pretty. We are ripped back to this point.


We had an actual nurse's cap for our first dog, we were so impressed with her attentive care. There's something so sweet about a dog's tender, loving care.

Glad Leo's starting to feel better! You girls have obviously been working hard.

so glad he is feeling better. icky sick is the worst. when did Thea get so big?!?! they are adorable, as always.

ick, we were all sick over here too, no fun at all. would have been better with sweet dog nurses. hope he recovers soon!

Poor Leo- hope he feels better soon! Good thing he's got 'round the clock care! You take care- don't want you to get the icky sick, too!

PS: Are the pups for hire? Maybe when their work is finished over there, you can send them down to my sister's house. The twins have been sick for 2 weeks. My poor sis is in a sad state of affairs.

Aw... so sweet of the girls to cuddle up Leo when he's not feeling well! Hope he gets better soon. And we like the photo of Thea sleeping on Leo's head!

You have to watch that creativity! Tell Leo to FEEL BETTER NOW! Alsace is coming!

Awww, nothing says love like a dog tending to you when you don't feel good.

It reminds me of Charles Schultz saying, "Love is a warm puppy."

It's amazing how dialed-in they are. When I'm down with a migraine, they stick to where I am.

Last year, when Andrew had surgery, the dogs only left his side to eat and go to the bathroom.

I'm so glad to see that your house is similarly staffed with caretakers.

Lot of illnesses going around the past month or so. My cats also "tend" me when I'm feeling unwell. Pets really can comfort you in a way no human can.

What adorable care takers! My 28 pound kitty tends to us when we are sick too. I hope Leo is feeling better soon.

best to poor Leo. rest and get your strength back!

poor Panda looks exhausted. :)

the cowl looks wonderful.

as I was waiting for the comment to post, I noticed Google ads on the bottom of the page: Nurse's Gifts, Baby Nurses, Nurses Hats... :)

I just got over a week long bout of the flu-not at all fun! The one enjoyable thing about spending that much time in bed, though, was having my little snuggle dog cuddled up next to me. Whenever I'm sick, though my Hubby meets my needs, he tends to keep his distance. Our four legged babies know how much we depend on that physical touch when sick, though. ;-)

With all the loving nursing care Leo should be up and around very soon. I'm hoping he will be! My Macy gives me the same care when I'm sick. There is nothing better!

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