I love long weekends


Given my druthers, I'd gladly work 3 - 13 hour days a week to have 4 day weekends. Alas, that probably isn't going to happen for me so I'll just have to enjoy the long weekends bestowed upon us by federal holidays.

Leo's sweater is nearing the finish line. All the big pieces are done and assembled. It's still damp here and in need of some final blocking. The wash was just to get all the commuter grime off of it, but I'll do a proper steam block when it's dry. It'd probably be better to wet block it, since it's already wet and all, but I'm a strange girl.

This is the back view. The front is largely the same but the neck is a little lower.

While I'm waiting for the sweater to dry so I can start the neck, I've been knitting some socks. I'm one of those people who is more than happy to knit on DPNs. I have absolutely no aversion to them and find that socks zip along just merrily on them. However, I have some concern that I may not be able to take metal DPNs on the plane with me to India (nationally, it's not a problem, but internationally, there may be some issues). So I'm attempting the socks on two circulars method.

I have to admit, I don't care for it. To me, this method is slow and clumsy. I've improved the process for myself by clipping the two socks together, which resolves some of the issues I had with the socks constantly migrating away from each other and increasing the time it takes to go from knitting one sock to the other.

Even though I really do not like this method, now, I feel obligated to try to knit a whole pair in this manner. It may simply be a matter of acclimating to the technique. Even so, I'm not sure why this method is so popular amongst the DPN averse. In truth, the circulars simply act as two very long DPNs, so I'd think anyone who could master this technique, could certainly master the use of DPNs.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox here. It's true that there are merits to being able to knit two socks at once, and the circulars fold up more compactly than DPNs, so I still feel this endeavor is worthwhile.

I'm not sure what the yarn is, I've long lost the label. It looks a lot like Opal but it's not, it's some other, less known, self striping sock yarn.

You may have noticed that the underside is slightly different than the top, at least down at the toes. This is because I worked a short row toe, so I started from the ball of the foot, working flat to the toe then back down to the top of the foot before joining in the round. Personally, I prefer the idea of a bright red toe, so that's going to be the top.


I don't like DPNs, but I don't like the 2 circular method either. I'm a magic loop girl. I like it because it requires only one needle, and I'm frugal.

While I'm proficient with DPNs, there are two main reasons I don't like them. #1, I'm a bit of a loose knitter, and when I work on DPNs, I tend to be even looser. Which means that I'd have to work socks on needles smaller than 0. No thank you. And #2, since I'm a bit of a loose knitter, the ladders that often form between DPNs is even more noticible for me.

That said, I'm being seduced by some Pony Pearl DPNs we have at the shop. They're just so pretty and flexible. *sigh*

oh yeah, i remember having a huge beef with dpns the first time i tried them and trying to do magic loop and finally buying a second circular and finally knitting a rectangle and sewing it into a tube for that particular project.... but luckily i now have a pretty good relationship with them. i had to accept that with my short hands, i was going to have to do some weird contortions, buy short as possible needles, and use a set of 4 instead of a set of 5. luckily after about 6 months of knitting, my hands became extremely flexible and able to handle dpns fairly well....
anyways, enough ranting... i just wanted to agree with you that two circulars are really clumsy, especially when you have the short hands like me and they are flopping all over. if i wanted to make socks while traveling, i'd probably buy some wooden dowel and crank out a set of wooden dpns.

How about Bryspun dpns? They're flexible (a bit too much for my taste) but that flexibility may hold in your favor for flying. You can't exactly stab anyone with those.

I much prefer DPN's and just need to get a good pair of non-wood/bamboo ones. I have a bit of a problem with snapping them, hehe.

I think the reason I never liked the dpn's is because I would get those ladders. At least, with the two circulars, I could do two socks at one time and avoid the ladders. Plus, I taught myself the technique early on so I didn't know any better, if you know what I mean. Now, it's the only way I do anything in the round. Isn't that cool...? That we can all do it our own way? Magic loop, dpn's or two circs? I'm thinking that is why I like knitting so much: there's really no exact way to do pretty much anything.

Leo's sweater looks like something I'd like to wear. It's terrific.

I, too, do not get the whole 2-socks-on-one-needle thing. The constant dropping and picking up of yarn drove me nuts. I understand the idea -- finish both at the same time -- but I can accomplish that by working 2 socks on separate needles and just picking up the shorter one every time I sit down to knit. Personally, I tend to be a magic-loop gal simply because it is impossible to loose one needle. DPNs work just fine and I get in to a nice groove with them but for travel knitting ... give me my Loop!

Oooh, when are you going to India? Where abouts? I went last year and am going again in the Fall. I didn't risk any needles on the plane at the time but this trip I'll be taking wooden dpns (sneak through the xray) and possible plastic circs. No idea what I'll knit though!

I got sick of the two needles flopping around all over the place, so went to one magic loop per sock. But you could, if you wanted to knit two socks at once, do them on one long circ. Much less flopping and clanking.

Leo's sweater looks great! Socks look cute too. I am knitting my first pair of socks on 2 circs, and I'm missing my DPNs. I wanted to give this method a try, but I think I'll revert back to the DPNs the next time around.

PS: I was thinking the exact same thing last night about the 4 day weekends (since I also work 4-10s). Thanks for hearin' me on that! ;)

Leo's sweater looks great! I can't wait to see it all finished. :) And I'm so with you on the dpns vs. circulars - I find both magic loop and the 2 circs method to just be clumsy, with cords flying everywhere. Give me some straight sticks any day.

I LOVE DPN's. I love them. I coax every person I teach to knit (I am building an army for the apocalypse...)to try DPN's. I remember being terrified of them, so I do what I can to prevent others from waiting a long time to try them!!!

Leo's sweater looks AMAZING. I can't believe how great it came out, it looks like a super-pricey Ralph Lauren sweater or something. You did a great job!!

My reason for the 2 socks on 2 circs is simple: 2nd sock syndrome. No, it's not a faster technique; no it's not as much fun as DPNs (love them); I know myself, I dont want to make the 2nd sock!!!

I think whatever you like and are comfortable with will end up being faster for you. I'm a 2 circ needle-kind-of-gal because I know it will be torture for me to knit them at different times. The floppy needle is kind of a hassle but it has become a part of the soothing process. (knit a row, turn, straighten, knit, turn, straighten, knit, etc.)

Plus I think I have big mitts and that may be why dpns don't feel as comfortable.

I do like that there are many ways to do this. It is a great illustration of finding what works for you and going with that.

I'm with you on the longer work days=longer weekends. I too prefer double-points for socks, just what I learned on I guess and they don't seem hard to use to me. I avoid the ladder by knitting one or two stitches from the next needle at the end of each needle. But then I don't use markers, too lazy, but rather have learned to "read" my knitting to see where I am at. I have heard that circular needles can be more of a problem at customs than double points--they can be used as a garotte.

Can't wait to see how Leo's sweater comes out.

I'm just learning how to make socks for the first time. I knew I could choose between the circs or the DPNs and I chose the DPNs. DPNs are straigtforward. Plus, people on the subway are fascinated watching me knit with four needles!

Leo's sweater looks great so far. Can't wait to see how it looks after blocking. I've never tried socks on circs, but do like using the DPN's, but I like crocheting them the best...oh well.

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