Remember the GIR I made? Well, he's settling in with little Finnian who was born at 1:13 AM on May 9th.

I've said it before, I'll say it again, babies make one's knitting look better. There's really no arguing that one.
And just in case you haven't gotten enough of handsome little Finn, here's another great shot.

I hope you'll all join me in wishing Finn and his parents (first timers in the baby making department) great health and happiness. He's already got the looks so no need to worry about that.


What a cutie! Finnian and Gir are going to be best friends, I can just tell.

Lots of good wishes to the new parents - from what I'm watching my sister go through, it's simultaneously really wonderful and really, really hard!! :)

He is so cute! First time parenting is often not enjoyed as theya re so freaked out by what is happening daily. Enjoy it all

He's adorable! And I love his name. He definitely looks like a Finnian.

Too cute! Finn and Gir make quite a pair! :)

He he he. It looks like he's sqeezing it so hard GIR's eyes are popping out! 'I'm gonna love him, and pet him, and sqeeze him, and call him George!'

Awwww. Both are adorable!

Oooo! cutie! I love baby photos as much as doggie photos. I wish them lots of happiness and health in their new journey.

I friggen love babies, what a cutie! I just squeeled out loud. GIR is in for a loving life soaked in drool...awww.

oh it looks like a great pair! i see fun in their future! what cuties the lot of them

Love the GIR, love the baby, love the name Finnian!

He's just adorable, just like I KNEW he'd be. It's in the genes!!

OMG That is the CUTEST baby! O_O

i think they're done with the baby-making part, now it's the rearing that's a challenge, lol.

and yes, babies always make knits look better

To Finn!

*raising a toast of cashmere to baby and family*

Awww, too cute!!

Definitely the cutest; after all, he takes after his parents and Grandparents!!!!!!

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