Breaking up and moving out


I think it's been 5 years now, maybe 4, my memory is not so good, but it is time. We've had a good run, going many fun places together, but let's be honest, we're both more worn than when we met and my needs are simply greater than you can accommodate.

This is the conversation I had with my old Klimt purse.

You know, I still really love the design and its small size always kept me from carrying too much stuff, but it could never quite accommodate my cell phone, wallet AND the digital camera, along with things like keys and such that are purse mainstays. I think, if the image weren't fading, I'd carry this purse forever. It was a gift from my mom, several years ago, and it's gone with me just about everywhere. I am not a purse floozy. Occasionally I'll carry something different when I'm going out for an evening, but in general, I'm a one purse kind of girl.

But yesterday, a package arrived from my mom. She has graced me with a brand new Klimt purse, which is bigger and even more lovely than the last.

Gorgeous, no? It's a deep chocolate brown and nearly twice as big as my old purse. They are both Icon purses and I can say, with some authority, that they are very well made. Despite the fact that I have carried my old purse for years and stuffed it full on many occasions, it only showed wear at corners, the main image is still perfect, and the lining has never so much as considered ripping. The new purse has a lovely assortment of pockets and pouches and even came with this matching key chain.

It has taken me all of 5 minutes to move everything out of the old purse into the new one and it feels like moving from a studio apartment into a 3 bedroom house; there's just so much extra space. Yay!

In crafty news, the sleeves on Leo's sweater are nearly done with only about 30 more rows left, I hope to have pictures soon. For now, here's a peek at some of that pink roving that Lynn sent me, which I've been spinning on my Kundert spindle.


DUDE! That was a dirty trick... all I could see from my bloglines was the title and of course I didn't assume you were talking about your PURSE.

A very pretty purse, by the way.

What a gorgeous purse! I usually end up buying one or two Nine West bags a year and switching when I get bored.. I am definitely a "purse floozy". I like variety.. what can I say?

I love the new purse! And the old one, for that matter. Yikes, I got scared for a second too from the title.

Klimt is one of my all time faves. So happy you received a new version of a much loved tote...

Okay, I don't like pink but that roving is gorgeous! Hurray on the new purse! The Klimt design is fun yet classic.

Oooooh! I'm so glad someone else loves Icon as much as I do! I've got three (err, four?) pairs of their shoes, including a pair of Klimts. They're so, so wonderful! I can only imagine that their bags are as gorgeous and delicious as their shoes...

Oooh, the bags are gorgeous.

Nobody else mentioned how deeply devious it is of you to picture a gorgeous purse, a gorgeous spindle, and gorgeous roving all in the same post. The keychain, too. Clearly, you have no qualms about inspiring lust overload.

Somebody has to do it :-)

Hi from Austria! Gosh, your Klimt bag is SO awesome! I love your old one too but can certainly understand that it was time for the both of you to part - especially now upon receiving this new one! It's so gorgeous! You know, I'm a big Klimt fan (very sad that most of his paintings aren't here in Austria anymore), and "The Kiss" is my extra favorite - so mind you, I adore your bag, and the keychain as well! Great, great stuff, have fun with it!

I would kill for that purse.
Klimt is my all time favorite artist.

Hi there - just blog hopping and stumbled upon yours. I love the Klimt purses.

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