Friday, July 15, 2005

CAUTION: Steep learning curve ahead

So, a couple of weeks ago, we packed up our things and attempted to go camping with less than successful results. While the drive was enjoyable and the sites beautiful, we were still left with a lingering desire to actually find ourselves far from responsibilities and electricity (a fair trade off, if I do say so, myself.) You'd think we'd have learned from this last adventure. Apparently, we have not.

Leo had called the folks at Jamala Beach during the week and they don't take reservations. "First come, first served" is the policy. The man on the phone gave Leo 50-50 odds that arriving early would improve his chances.

After class yesterday, I came home and we packed, had some wine and hit the sack a little after midnight. We woke up at 5 in the fricken morning to start our day.

We packed up Stewie (the car) and headed off to Jamala, which is about 2-3 hours away, depending on the traffic. We got there, and not only was Jamala completely full, they had 30 people ahead of us on the waiting list. The nice woman at the office directed us to another local campsite, but their accommodations were a bit meager, with no hiking trails or other places to entertain ourselves and Panda.

Being the former (insert gender) scouts that Leo and I are, we had brought along a couple other suggestions from you, my friendly neighborhood blog visitors.

Unfortunately, the ones I brought with me were all booked or closed due to local construction. This image illustrates my general feeling at that point. Did I mention I was a bit short on sleep.

Leo found my desire to document our adventure a bit distracting. He is using sign language to convey the fact that I am number "1" in his heart.
I suppose I should explain that our exceedingly charming moods were swayed, in part, by the fact that Panda had already tossed her cookies three times during our expedition. This surprised both of us since we are always diligent not to feed her before long car rides, and all things considered, this was relatively short by our standards. We don't hold it against her, but it's still a bit of a mood killer for all involved.

Despite our dwindling enthusiasm, we knew Panda deserved some fun. So where did we end up? The same place from which you've seen pictures here a dozen times before. We landed right back in Ventura.
And you know if we were in Ventura, there are happy Panda pics.

The boyfriend's pretty darn cute too, huh?

We've finally trained Panda to actually return the thrown item to the thrower. It's made fetch a far more enjoyable game.

While we were in Ventura, we figured we'd find out what the camping policy is for their beach side camping facilities. Turns out they take reservations AND dogs. Dag nabbit! We've driven hundreds of miles to find beach camping that is quiet, safe, friendly, allows dogs and takes reservations and it was a place we visit several times a month. Figures, no?

On the drive back home, we stopped one more time on the border of Ventura and Malibu and caught this little cutie.


Well, that's all for furry cuteness and failed camping attempts. Next post will have some sock progress for you.


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