Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like a cardi

I wasn't sure I'd ever work out how to do the lace around the back of the neck, but I think I have it.
Obviously, a bit more blocking is in order and the other front piece still needs to be sewn on, oh, and I need some sleeves, but I think the piece is coming together.

I did a lot of knitting and frogging to get the back neckline in order, but it's been worth the effort. I basically worked the lace sideways then turned it with short rows. It's going to be hard to write up, I'm actually on the line about whether I have the will to write a multi-sized pattern for this. Between the princess seams and the short row lace, it's a complicated pattern to write up for the size I've knitted. Recalculating for other sizes is another challenge all together.

The weekend hasn't been all knitting though.

We hit the beach again.
When Leo was unemployed/working from home, he was able to take Panda out hiking a couple times a week. Now, we only have the weekend to get her the fun and excitement she craves so we try to make it worth her while. We went to Palos Verdes which offers great hiking and climbing but less running around and playing fetch.

We started at the top of the cliff. You can see a little house to the left and there's a rough path down a little to right of it. The beach doesn't really have any sand, it's all very rocky and all the more so after the torrential rains we had for a couple months. You can actually see points of the cliff where there are strips of lawn hanging over the edge where once there was firm ground. All the stone that used to be cliff is now shore.

But look at this ocean. It's just beautiful.


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