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Styling Cecchetti


Cecchetti might have been inspired by garments worn to warm up for a challenging dance class, but the shimmery silky yarn knit at a very loose gauge is delicate and divine and just begs to be worn for a special occasion.

A fitted pencil skirt and sky high heels emphasize the long lean lines of the piece. Paired with shoulder dusting earrings and a simple pashmina, the look is elegant and, let's face it, very very sexy. Not everyone (yours truly included) can bear the thought of hours in stilettos but I think one can achieve the same aesthetic with lower heels and a long and fitted skirt with an tantalizing slit up the side or back.

Styling Damariscotta


It's easy to dismiss Damariscotta as just a knitted t-shirt, best thrown together with cargos or jeans. I think that's a fine choice but misses what a great layering piece this top can be.

The cotton blend fabric and short sleeves are an ideal combination for hot summer days spent, at least in part, in a chilly office or other climate controlled building. Pair this tee with a fitted jacket and wide legged pants and accessorize with bright shoes and a matching neck scarf. I have a closet filled with black, grey and tan suit separates, and layering them over a bright top and vivid accessories is a wonderful way to bring color and variety to an otherwise monochromatic ensemble. When the work day is over, switch out the jacket for a cardigan and have a great, put-together look for anything from dinner and drinks with friends to a parent-teacher meetings at your child's school.

On the weekends, you can play up the form fitting darts with a full skirt and a tank top underneath that displays just a bit of lace at the neckline. Wedges, an anklet and a floral pin or hair accessory hint at a bohemian aesthetic. This look is polished while still remaining comfortable and versatile.

Because Damariscotta is so customizable as you knit, you can really make this piece fit your lifestyle. As I've said before, I'd love to see the hems on this piece, worked in a simple scalloping lace stitch which would really highlight the feminine qualities of the garment, but you could also work a bit of ribbing, instead, take out some of the shaping in the body and raise the neckline for a more casual look. So how would you style this piece?

BTW, if you want to play around with styling this piece or any other piece, I've written up some tips for getting started using Polyvore, over at the Twist Collective blog.

Styling Pas de Valse


The whole idea behind Pas de Valse is versatility and as you see it in the Twist Collective shoot, it's a perfect piece to throw on when you are wearing your favorite pair of jeans. A piece like this is great for those transitional seasons when it's not quite cold enough for a jacket but you want just a little more warmth than what you need inside.

The whole look of the garment changes depending on how you close it (or not) and what you layer it over. A comfortable tank, linen blend pants, flats and a few colorful accessories, seem like a perfect combination for a day in the city, checking out your favorite boutiques and museums. If it gets a little warm, this light and airy cardigan tucks easily into your tote.

At night on a cool summer evening, wrapped over a shimmery mini-dress with sparkly accessories, this garment becomes a flirty coat to throw on while you flag down a cab to bring you to that favorite dance club. Pull the oversized shawl collar tightly around you to keep off the chill.

Styling Dulce de Leche


Dulce de Leche is a henley inspired shirt with feminine detailing. This piece could be equally comfortable grocery shopping or out on a date, but when I think about wearing this piece, I imagine cool ocean breezes on a hot day and the sun beating down on me.

Someone recently lamented the return of palazzo pants. Frankly, I refuse to acknowledge that they were ever out of style, but I also won't rule out the viability of a kaftan in the right situation, so call me Mrs Roper and get off my lawn, you whipper snappers.


Paired with soft muted palazzo pants, sweet floral flats and a large brimmed sun hat, I think Dulce de Leche can be carefree and comfortable while remaining flattering and feminine. Accessories are chosen for their bright colors in different hues but a similar intensity to the pullover. The only thing missing from this resort getaway look is a comfortable chaise and that guilty pleasure book you don't want to be seen reading in public.

Styling Bijou


Bijou, with its delicate lace, slightly ruffled sleeves and fitted body darts, is sweet by nature so when I imagine styling this, I am inclined to play with expectation.

A pleated chiffon skirt is an obvious accompaniment to this dainty design, but black leather accents and shocking yellow detailing give the look edge. The black chiffon caplet bridges the divide between the extremes.

Lose the accessories and choose a simpler shoe for the office or daytime event, or break out the black eyeliner and your favorite up-do to make this a stunning evening look. As with almost any sweater, though, this piece is easily at home paired with jeans and thrown over a comfortable tank. I think, with a little creativity, this special piece could get plenty of regular use.

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