Styling Damariscotta


It's easy to dismiss Damariscotta as just a knitted t-shirt, best thrown together with cargos or jeans. I think that's a fine choice but misses what a great layering piece this top can be.

The cotton blend fabric and short sleeves are an ideal combination for hot summer days spent, at least in part, in a chilly office or other climate controlled building. Pair this tee with a fitted jacket and wide legged pants and accessorize with bright shoes and a matching neck scarf. I have a closet filled with black, grey and tan suit separates, and layering them over a bright top and vivid accessories is a wonderful way to bring color and variety to an otherwise monochromatic ensemble. When the work day is over, switch out the jacket for a cardigan and have a great, put-together look for anything from dinner and drinks with friends to a parent-teacher meetings at your child's school.

On the weekends, you can play up the form fitting darts with a full skirt and a tank top underneath that displays just a bit of lace at the neckline. Wedges, an anklet and a floral pin or hair accessory hint at a bohemian aesthetic. This look is polished while still remaining comfortable and versatile.

Because Damariscotta is so customizable as you knit, you can really make this piece fit your lifestyle. As I've said before, I'd love to see the hems on this piece, worked in a simple scalloping lace stitch which would really highlight the feminine qualities of the garment, but you could also work a bit of ribbing, instead, take out some of the shaping in the body and raise the neckline for a more casual look. So how would you style this piece?

BTW, if you want to play around with styling this piece or any other piece, I've written up some tips for getting started using Polyvore, over at the Twist Collective blog.


I've got my copy and it's on my (too long) to-do list of projects. (So many little time.) Just wondering, though, how you post in the future..;-) Maybe that server clock needs adjusting?

It really is a great piece and can be worn for just about any occasion. I love that skirt you picked. Thanks for the polyvore tutorial too...I can't wait to play! :)

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