Styling Bijou


Bijou, with its delicate lace, slightly ruffled sleeves and fitted body darts, is sweet by nature so when I imagine styling this, I am inclined to play with expectation.

A pleated chiffon skirt is an obvious accompaniment to this dainty design, but black leather accents and shocking yellow detailing give the look edge. The black chiffon caplet bridges the divide between the extremes.

Lose the accessories and choose a simpler shoe for the office or daytime event, or break out the black eyeliner and your favorite up-do to make this a stunning evening look. As with almost any sweater, though, this piece is easily at home paired with jeans and thrown over a comfortable tank. I think, with a little creativity, this special piece could get plenty of regular use.


I love the way the skirt plays to the flutter on the sleeves without repeating it exactly. I don't really have much to add to these posts but wanted you to know I think they're awesome! I'm really enjoying them.

I like this combo, this is really a fun way to see things put together with your beautiful knitting. :)

Bijou is one of those timeless pieces that looks amazing with anything! I really love the way you dressed it up here...that little caplet is really cute! :)

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