Styling Pas de Valse


The whole idea behind Pas de Valse is versatility and as you see it in the Twist Collective shoot, it's a perfect piece to throw on when you are wearing your favorite pair of jeans. A piece like this is great for those transitional seasons when it's not quite cold enough for a jacket but you want just a little more warmth than what you need inside.

The whole look of the garment changes depending on how you close it (or not) and what you layer it over. A comfortable tank, linen blend pants, flats and a few colorful accessories, seem like a perfect combination for a day in the city, checking out your favorite boutiques and museums. If it gets a little warm, this light and airy cardigan tucks easily into your tote.

At night on a cool summer evening, wrapped over a shimmery mini-dress with sparkly accessories, this garment becomes a flirty coat to throw on while you flag down a cab to bring you to that favorite dance club. Pull the oversized shawl collar tightly around you to keep off the chill.


I love it's versatility!

A great addition to any wardrobe! :)

I am doing the edging and weaving in ends on mine now! Can hardly wait to block it and wear it. Perfect for Seattle weather.

I fell in love with this sweater when it first came out and I think I finally have the yarn I want to knit it with, a 70/30 merino cashmere blend from elann called Solo Mio. What do you think?

Arrgh! You've finally got me! I must knit Pas de valse now, you've created a "must-have-now" need with your great styling pictures ;o) Good job.

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