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I would say it was about 4 years ago that Debbie (aka Stitchy McYarnpants) asked me if I'd contribute to a book she had been scheming up. At that time, it was just an idea, she had no publisher, no proposal, just a clear vision of what she had in mind.

Now, four years later, the book is finally ready for pre-order. I have two patterns in this book, including the cover piece (my second cover design this year!)

This book has a wonderful list of contributors, tech editing by Kristi Porter and the fantastically witty writing that you would expect from Debbie and Caro. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished book. If you are too, you can pre-order the book on amazon, here.


Congratulations on the book and the cover!

Congrats. That's awesome!


How wonderful!

The cover design is not only vintage but very wearable. With the Mad Men look so popular, the timing of the book's release couldn't be better. Nice job!

Congrats! It looks like a wonderful book! I really love your sweater on the cover too! :)

Ooo. I'll have to check that one out.

That's terrific!

Love the cover shot. Model reminds me of Jane Fonda years ago.

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