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I can't thank you all enough for the kind words and congratulations. We really kept this whole thing entirely secret and I still have close friends and family to contact and let them know we got hitched. We wanted to make sure that no one felt obligated to travel or buy gifts or put themselves out. The relationship is for love but the wedding was, in many ways, just a formality for legal and insurance purposes.

Wedding Weekend at Cannon Beach
1. Fetch by Haystack Rock, 2. Delicious Wine, 3. Panda and Thea assess the view, 4. Dad's tie, 5. Groom and Witness's shoes, 6. Feeding the bird, 7. The start of a muddy hike, 8. Post hike shoe cleaning, 9. Rainbow, 10. Sunset play time, 11. Spoiled dogs are spoiled, 12. Thea is a crazy monkey, 13. My sweet old lady
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Despite our general resistance to the idea of getting married on principal alone, we figured that if we were going to do it, we might as well keep it fun and stress free. My mom officiated and gifted me the beautiful dress I wore, which I got at a local store who makes all their dresses by hand from imported Thai silk.

We bought our beautiful rings from Fabuluster. They send impression kits to you and make the rings from your actual finger prints. Leo wears my print and I wear his. We had a bit of fun with it and did impressions of our middle fingers; a little inside joke about our general reluctance to marry and our tendency to take nothing too seriously, if possible.


My dad, who gave me away, also gifted us professional photography for the ceremony (pictures to come in a month or so). I also wore the first gift he ever gave my mom, a lovely pair of heart-shaped earrings.

My brother and his girlfriend witnessed and offered general morale support. It was sheer coincidence that my brother and the groom wore the same shoes.

Our biggest splurge, though, was our stay at a lovely, dog friendly beachside hotel. Since we normally stay in cheap motels or camp in our car, when we travel with the pups, this was a real extravagance for the four of us. Being able to go for our walks on the beach, at the drop of a hat, was such a delight and the dogs couldn't have been happier. They've been downright mellow since we've returned.

I can't wait to see how the photos come out. I think there'll be a few lovely mementos to mark the day. But even if I am making dork-face in every shot, I'll still look back on the weekend as a lovely time spent with my very closest family and a wonderful memory amongst the many that Leo and I already share.

Oh and since a few have asked, the pups were in attendance but no, I did not dress them up. We're crazy dog people but we aren't THAT crazy.


Your dress is gorgeous! I'm so happy for you :)

That looks like one of the best weddings ever. (Second place to my own, of course. Haha!) My husband and I ended up eschewing our grand family reunion marriage ideas in favor of getting married on the beach where we went for first date. It was maybe a little odd to be married with so many strangers around us on the beach, but it was such a wonderful day and having our dear friend officiate will be a memory we will have always.

I love that your girls were there with you. And I love even more that you didn't feel the need to dress them up!

Thank you for sharing pictures of your special day. Your silk dress is gorgeous! I adore that your whole day was less stressful then most weddings. I can almost hear the surf through your pictures…I’m so happy that you both had such a special day…and as always Thea and Panda are the sweetest pups ever. *hugs* :)

What lovely pictures - and what real happiness and joy you all radiate! I know you'll be happy as an officially married couple, because you've already been happy for a good long time as it is.

An elopement is always the best idea. No stress, no confusion. Just love. May you be sublimely happy!

Re "formality for legal and insurance purposes"
I think you get a tax break, too?

You look happy and beautiful, of course, as all brides do. Leo looks as handsome as he always does.

Matt and I were together for ~9.5 y before marriage. It was funny to suddenly refer to him as "my husband." But cool, too. And who knows, maybe there is a baby in your future, too? ;)

Very nice pictures, you look happy, and your dress is so pretty! I like low key weddings, my husband and I got married by the court clerk on Catalina Island with just two of our brothers and spouses and each of our kids, that's it.

Congratulations! Sounds like a beautiful, relatively relaxed, wedding weekend.

Congratulations to both of you and to your entire family. The events sound like the perfect way to share the occasion and I'm glad that you did it YOUR way. The dress is beyond words! Thanks also for the wonderful links! And the two of you look simply divine!

Honey, you aren't making dork face - you look truly genuinely thrilled to be getting married in a fashion that fits you! Marriage is just a formality but getting married can be a fun time - and it looks like it was. Congratulations again! Leo is a lucky man :)

Aw, I am so happy for the both of you!!! Your dress is beautiful and you looked radiant, not dorky! :) You're so funny! Leo looked handsome! What a day!!!! Once again, I am so happy for the both of you!!!

My sweetie and I ran off to Durango, Colorado 9 years ago and got married at the Strater. It was awesome! We had already been together for 5 years and the whole insurance, legal thingy was the main reason we got hitched. We already had the commmitment and love thing down. So, we did it our way. I mailed all of our wedding announcements from Durango on the day of our wedding and we were all done! Time to enjoy our honeymoon! It's funny because it felt so good to call my sweetie Jim, my husband. After 5 years boyfrend seemed just silly.

Already said congrats on FB, but I'll do it again here! Your dress is spectacular. Loved that tidbit about the middle finger fingerprint. Hilarious. Best to you both.

really really sounds like the perfect wedding!

Congratulations on such happiness. It sounds like a lovely weekend with people you love most, doing the things you love to do.

The girls need no outfits. They are always impeccably dressed. Truly crazy dog people know that. ;)

I'm just so darn happy for all of you!

Congratulations! What a lovely day you seem to have had. I'm glad the pups were there to add their stamp of approval. And what a gorgeous idea for the rings....

This is the kind of wedding I dream of :) A day to share with the people I love, no stress, just a simple and beautiful day :)

Congratulations! What a beautiful dress. Love the rings, too (especially the middle finger part).

Congratulations to the four of you!!! Your smiling faces say it all. I love the idea of the fingerprint wedding rings! Too special! Happy life ahead is my wish for you.

Congratulations, Marnie! I was coming over here to look at one of your great tutorials, and was stopped in my tracks by your great news and gorgeous dress. You look very happy.

Congrats! Very amusing about the rings and they turned out beautiful!

Congratulations! It sounds like you had a lovely family event and your dress is beautiful!


Congratulations! Your dress is beautiful!!!

Sweet Mary and Joseph - well done!!! Your dad's tie was priceless and the girls look just as happy for you!

You are a beautiful bride and Leo is HOT! (Old Married Lady here...) I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

P.S. Quincy says,"Hi!" to the girlies.

Congrats! (sorry it's late!) I love your dress!

Congratulations, Marnie!! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

Congratulations! You make such a beautiful couple. Of course, you were a beautiful couple before you got married. ;-)

Congrats, congrats, congrats!! I've been behind in my blog reading, so I apologize for the late comment. I wish you both all the best in your continuing journey together :)


Sounded just magical. Congratulation Marnie!

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