Knot tying



We nearly eloped, but not quite eloped because my mom presided, my dad gave me away, my brother and his girlfriend witnessed and our dogs were flower girls, in that they were nearby and shed a lot.


Ooooohh!!! Congratulations! Love the rings.

MAZEL TOV!!! after 32 years of it myself, I highly recommend it.

Marnie, congratulations!!! May you live happily ever after!

Wow, those rings are gorgeous! Are they real fingerprints? Congrats!

Marnie, Marnie, Marnie--congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! Felicitations and long life and happiness wishes coming your way from me and Chappy!

Congratulations !!! God Bless you !

Congratulations! My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary today!
May your union be as long and beyond :)


Fabulous rings. Happiness always.


I'll bet you had the most beautiful flower girls ever.

Wow! Congratulations to you both! And welcome to the new state of affinity.

Congrats! I do love your rings. Though I thought I'd have liked to elope, it is nice to have people you love around you.

Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful, perfect wedding. :o)

Oh, wow. So many congratulation! And if you feel like telling us more about those beautiful rings, I'm sure lots of people would like to hear it. Just sayin'. ;)

congrats! dogs as flower girls sounds wonderful (except I think my pup would try to eat the flowers). beautiful rings.

Congratulations!! Marriage is amazing.

Congratulations! Lots of happiness!

Welcome to the old married ladies club! :)

Sounds like it was a great day!

How exciting! Congratulations to you both. And also, what amazing rings!

Congratulations, Marnie! Beautiful rings... Blessings for now and ever!

Congrats on the new adventure, and your rings are very cool!


Congratulations on your new life as husband and wife.

Congrats again -- glad to hear the girls could be involved! :)

How wonderful!

I am so happy for you. He's a lucky man. I hope your married life is joyous, harmonious and accompanied by a really good vacuum. ;^)


OMG! Congratulations! Sounds like a perfectly wonderful and simple ceremony :)

Congratulations! Small weddings are the way to go. (stunning rings)

I just wanted to add my Congratulations to the list! =) Those rings are fabulous! Are you wearing eachother's fingerprints? If so, that's an amazingly sweet idea.

I just wanted to add my Congratulations to the list! =) Those rings are fabulous! Are you wearing eachother's fingerprints? If so, that's an amazingly sweet idea.


I'll join the crowd in saying congratulations :) and I also love the rings.

congratulations! We're heading for our 22nd anniversary in October and it's been wonderful. And how cute that the girls were in attendance, too!

Congratulations! Don't be surprised if things are different. Being married IS different from just living together. Not bad (not at all!), but different in surprising little ways.

I speak from experience (lived together 10 years, married for 6 so far.)

Many years of health, happiness, and joy to you all!

Wonderful news ... a lifetime of joy to you both !

Woohoo!! Congrats :-) Warm wishes for a wonderful future, with lots o' spice!

Congratulations! :)

Do you wear his fingerprint and he yours?

I'm really happy for you. :)

I've been following your work, reading your blog and watching (through your photos) your wonderful family play and grow. I'm so happy for happy.

Congratulations to the both of you!!! May your wedding day and all the days that follow be the very, very best!

Aw, congratulations! Love the rings - how beautiful!

Wow! Glorious news - may you enjoy many, many wonderful years together!!

Mazel Tov! Congratulations! I wish you much married happiness.


I'd like to be the 86th person to offer my congratulations and ask the question Where did you get those rings?

WOW!! Congrats! It's not every day you read on someone's blog they got married. Beautiful rings. Best wishes.

Congratulations and may you both get as much joy from your marriage as we have known from ours!

Congratulations! Love the fingerprint rings.

AWWW!!! Congratulations! Best wishes for a long, healthy, happy life together!

Congratulations! Your rings are gorgeous and unique. I love them.

Wishing you a fabulous married life together!

Congrats and blessings to you both! I wish you a lifetime of health, wealth and happiness! *hugs* :)

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