Last little bit of 2009


Christmas was blissfully mellow here in the new home; no obligations, no worries, plenty of quality time with each other. It was chilly, as evidenced by these gorgeous spider webs, encrusted in ice, on our porch.

Icy morning Icy morning

I love the way the drops of water froze like little glass beads. You should have seen how they glistened in the sunlight. If you go to flickr, you can embiggen them and see more of the detail.

I tried my hand at sushi making, which turned out to be way easier than I expected.


That's my "hot and sour tuna" roll. Recipe, inasmuch as anyone would need one, can be had if you click the pic.

I manage to get all my deadline knitting done, thanks to some morale support from the pooches

Panda and Thea Snuggling

I mailed off both garments today and emailed the digital files as well. It feels so good to have those off the plate. Now, do I start something new or finish something already started? Yes, I know which is the RIGHT answer, that doesn't mean I'll do it.

As I was falling asleep I had inspiration of another kind resulting in this, my first venn diagram.


I'm sure this will improve your lives exponentially.

And, in a last bit of late breaking news, we have us some snow. SNOW!

More snow

It's not slated to last very long but the girls sure do love it while it's here.


Sushi is awesome to make! I'm a vegetarian, so I use scrambled eggs, tofu, advocado, snow peas - yum! Yours look great (even with the tuna). :-d

I, here in Northern Colorado, laugh at your snow. I laugh! BWA HA HA. We've already had more snow this year than any of the last six years. Luckily, I got a coat for Christmas.

The sushi looks so yummy! Last year, my husband gave me a basket for Christmas filled with a bunch of equipment/ingredients to make sushi. I was a little disappointed that I had to figure it out until I realized that HE was the one who was going to learn how to make the sushi. Finally, he makes me dinner ;) I will have to pass your recipe on to him.

Sushi is THE favourtie food in our household!
Happy New Year when it gets to you Marnie!

Love the Venn diagram :)

The spiderwebs are fascinating!

Your dogs always make me smile. They look like great friends.

that last pics of the girls is SO awesome! they look ecstatic about the snow! send some of that our way, will ya? :) Happy New Year to you, Leo and the doggers!

Your diagram is, of course, awesome sauce!!
Happy New Year!

my husband says that this needs to be a shirt. so now i'm hereby requesting it.

Brilliantly awesome sauce Venn diagram, my teens approve too!

I love the look of the frozen spider webs, so delicate - glad you had a laid back chilled out holiday!

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