The mother of invention


I have freakishly small ears that reject all ear buds. I've used in-ear models that work like ear plugs, and models with little hooks that go over the ear. The former cause me endless pain and the latter fall off when I move at a pace faster than a gentle stroll. All this makes running while listening to my ipod, an exercise in frustration. The solution seems to be to combine the hook on models with a comfortably snug hat, to hold the ear buds in place.

All my hats are warm wool or fleece so I decided to knit a hat. And heck, while I'm coming up with my own design, why not make something that would actually allow for a ponytail or two.

These dark and blurry pictures are just a sneak peak of the dead simple design I came up with. The yarn is Elann Esprit (nearly identical to Cascade Fixation) and the colors are leftover from my Assets Of Evo project.

Hair Apparent mosaic

I plan to put together a very inexpensive little pattern for this, that I hope to release in the next few weeks, time permitting.

Also, an obligatory doggy fix.

Lazy Sunday Morning Snuggles


The convertible aspect is very cool, and the stripes are cute!

What a very clever idea, indeed, necessity is the mother of invention. And of course, thank you for the obligatory doggy fix!

Very cute! I wonder just who all those folks with the gigantic ear caanals are? I have in ear sound blocking headphones that come with interchangeable tips (some kind of malleable plastic that is supposed to mold to your ear). I use the smallest size & still they tend to pop out after awhile because they really aren't small enough. I tolerate them because our health club is so loud (whoever thought it was a good idea to put the basketball court in the middle of the aerobic & weight machines, separated only by long curtains?) & I am used to working out in a very quiet place. So the sound blocking is necessary for my sanity. My partner also can't waer them - even the smallest ones are too big for his ears (& he is not a small guy otherwise.)

I will definitely make one of those hats when the pattern is out! (tempted to copy it from the pictures...) I have hook-over-the-ears headphones as well, and it gets very annoying having to stop every block, even when I am *walking*, to put them back in place. Plus, I tend to wear my hair in a ponytail and have somehow not yet made a hat accordingly.

Awwwwww, puppy pile!

It's adorable, and brilliant. I can't wear earbuds, either.

Wow, I thought I was the only person with freakish small ears - I am looking forward to the pattern!

i swear, they think it's a one-size-fits-all world withthose things. i have to be careful when i'm cooking, because sometimes one will popout, and then i have to wash my hands and put it back in. i cna't do more than walk in mine, either, sigh.

I love designs for successful living :-)
I can't do earbuds either.

Love the 'family' shot! I also can't wait for the pattern, both for myself, with the earbud + power walking = falling out problem, and for my friend who has masses of hair and no hat to fit it into. Looks perfect!

LOVE the family photo :-}

How about the earbuds made for children? I saw some at the Apple store in Austin last month so maybe they have some on the Apple website. That being said, I love your alternative!

How about the earbuds made for children? I saw some at the Apple store in Austin last month so maybe they have some on the Apple website. That being said, I love your alternative!

I am EAGERLY looking forward to this one! LOL I have the same curse of freakishly small ears that reject all ear pieces. :)

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