9 or 63


It's approximately, more or less, to the best of our knowledge, somewhere around the date of Panda's birth. She 9 now-ish. Leo called off all birthdays a couple of years ago, because they simply mark the passage of time after a certain age, but she's my little girl, I can't help it. Panda is, for all intents and purposes, my first dog, a ray of sunshine and the reason I'm a dog person. I think every year with her is my good fortune.

So, mostly because it's been a few week but partially because it's her birthday, we went to the beach. It's foggy, a little rainy, horrible photography weather and all around perfect, nonetheless.

Manzanita -- December 19, 2009 Manzanita -- December 19, 2009
Pretty much the definition of doggy joy.

See all the pictures here.

And as a side note, to those who inquired about my going back to school, I'm just going to finish the degree I wasn't able to complete the first go around. I'm majoring in...nothing, they call it "general arts and letters." Given time and money I think I'd like to, some day, figure out what I want to be when I grow up and pick a course of study for a masters. At the rate I'm going, I'll finish that in my 60s.

Double side note, um, even with a calculator, I can't figure out what 7x9 is equal to. I think I've got it now.


Happy Birthday Panda!

I thought it was x11, which would make Panda a Very Distinguished Doggy. Maybe you can major in Fiber Crafts or something like that, with all those published pieces you should already be a PhD. (Like Dr. Lori.)

Happy birthday, Panda! My feeling about birthdays is that you don't have to count the years; it's just a matter of celebrating that you (or your loved one) is HERE. Celebrate the friends, family, love, throw in maybe some presents, just because, and who can object to an excuse for cake? It's not about how MANY birthdays you've had--it's about the fact that you're HERE.

Happy birthday, Panda!

Happy Birthday, Miss Panda! Long life and good health all through for you, sweet pup.

I always smile when I see your pictures. :)

Happy Birthday with wishes to Panda. I'm 100% with Deb on this one. How could you not celebrate another year of having such a delightful being with you? she brings smiles to my face & I live a couple thousand miles away & have never met her in the fur.

happy belated birthday to a very sweet girl! i hope she had a great day. xoxo :)

Happy birthday, Panda!
I hope you had a great time and they gave you a bunch of treats ;).

Happy happy day Panda! Looks like a wonderfully doggy way to celebrate!

Happy birthday Panda! You are so adorable!

Marnie, where's the beloved orange squirrel? The latest pictures show a blue frisbee. Would you do a post on your favorite doggy equipment? I especially like the harnesses they wear and have always wondered what brand it was.

Happy Birthday dear Panda....reading about you and Thea and seeing your pictures over the years had a big part to play in the fact that I now have my own special pup. Of course I have little time to knit with a six month old puppy.

Years ago my dad taught me a trick to doing my 9's on the times table. Take one you know like 1x9 = 09 and add one to the first number and subtract one from the second number. It's pretty quick once you realize five and six are easy to remember because they're 45 and 54 and
10 x 9 = 90. I'm one credit away from a minor in math but sometimes I still have to use this trick to get 7 or 8 times 9.

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