The Manzanita Collection


The Manzanita Collection

Did you know that Ravelry now supports ebooks? As a designer, I think this is fantastic. In celebration of this nifty new tool and because, much to my chagrin, it's creeping up on that holiday season thingy, I've decided to offer my first official ebook.* You can now purchase Jamison Square, Astoria and La Cumparsita together for almost $7 off the price of buying them individually.

To purchase the collection, you can go here.

And, for sure, I don't want to punish those of you who have already purchased one or all of these patterns. If you are interested in the collection discount and have purchased any or all of the patterns, write me with the subject line: "Manzanita Collection" and include your receipt(s). I will invoice you for the cost difference or refund you the $6.99, if you've purchased all three before Friday November 6th.

As always, thanks to every one of you who supports me and/or other independent designers. I think that's downright awesome.

*Technically, Alsace has been functioning as a sort of ebook, but there's no need to split hairs.


That's incredible! I love your patterns ... will have to try some out after I finish holiday gifts!

hey neat! that's cool you're getting into ebooks! : ) good luck with your swanky patterns : )

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