A few things that are making me happy


Leo and I managed to throw together passable Halloween costumes without any planning, thanks to some inventive closet diving.

A demon and Maryann from Gilligan's Island, or possibly Dorothy pre-ruby slipper

Ravelry is featuring Jamison Square on their pattern page

I squeed when I saw this.

While we didn't win a cover spot, you can see see Thea at about 1:12 in this video.

And the whole darn video is full of smiley goodness.

And lastly, artichokes.

Artichokes with Pesto Dip
I love artichokes. Click image for recipe


Haha, I recognized Thea BEFORE I read this even! :)

Artichokes in November? That's it. I must move to Portland :-)!

Oh the look on Panda's face in that first pic is freaking priceless.

I love closet diving for costumes! Its amazing what you can put together sometimes :)

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