Successful Lace Knitting


Almost three years ago, if I have the time line correct, Donna Druchunas asked me if I'd be interested in submitting a design for a book she was working on. She had a variety of lace stitches we could choose from and our pieces had to feature at least one of those stitch patterns.

Donna just released a couple of the pictures from the book, Successful Lace Knitting: Bringing Dorothy Reade's Patterns and Techniques to Today's Knitters, and, lookie, mine is one of the ones she's previewing.

Photos by Brent Kane, copyright Martingale & Company

You can see the other pieces she's previewing here.

I'm knee-deep in deadline knitting. I like to think that means I'm embracing my alter ego:

The Knitter
The Knitter

The upside is, I think I make a decent super villain. The downside is, I won't have much to blog until the end of the holiday season.

I'll try to slip you a few pup posts in the interim, you know. like this, where I send my dog out into hail.


I like your lace piece for the book -- nice elegant lines and a great use of lace in a garment. Also tickled by your comic book alter ego :) Knitting as comic drama - love it!

It's so pretty, Marnie! :) Congratulations!

that's so pretty!

that's cool about your pattern being published

That jacket is so pretty - I love that lace border and the length. Congratulations! Good luck with your other deadlines, I'm sure The Knitter can tackle it ;)

And, your poor sweetie!!! That is adorable/hysterical! My first child, a big fluffy boy dog, is a total baby in the rain, I wonder what he'd be like in hail?

That looks very beautiful Marnie! My husband may need a knitting super villain for a story he's working on!! You pull it off rather well!

That sweater is GORGEOUS. You know, while I love all of your designs, I'm often intimidated by them; somehow I have a hard time picturing such intricate, fitted designs on my short and very curvy frame. This sweater, however, I think could work. Love it!

Lovely! lovely! lovely! Even if you are a knitting villain.

That is so beautiful!

That design is lovely. And you make a very villainous villainess.

Your design is just lovely and a great add to any collection. I'm equally enchanted with your life as a knitting villain. Knitting needles can be deadly, but knitting ballerinas are even more dangerous because of they can kick and jab at the same time.

Here I thought I was the only one secretly sending my border collie cross out in inclement weather just to record his funny faces. Thanks!

And your lace knitting is beautiful too. - Amy

Beautiful sweater!

Oh my gosh, that's GORGEOUS! So elegant!

We can't get our dog to go out in bad weather unless we go out with her. Now that sounds like something we should refuse to do, but the rugs are at risk. She has us trained.

You are an amazing super hero. Love the lace - all of the previewed lace is yummy.

That is gorgeous! Congratulations!

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