Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Yes, I know that this makes me a terrible terrible person.


I approve. Also, do you know how hard it is to laugh in a corset?

The babies look absolutely *thrilled* with the costume choices.

Cute, but strange to be a dog-squirrel...

Chappy doesn't know that he'll ever forgive you...

i don't think you're terrible. i would totally dress up my dog.

People do it to their babies....it's not so terrible!

hahahahahaha! evil. :)

you made my day :-D

Love the looks of resigned patience they're giving you.

If dogs could talk. Cara nailed their expressions though. I can just imagine their thought process..."Man is she ever lucky we're not cats, cause we'd totally shred her in her sleep for this one. Putting yarn and roving on our heads, that we can handle, but this? This is just really pushing the envelope here."

oh, this is priceless! the looks on their faces!

LOL Lexi was the squirrel this year too.

I have no shame dressing the dog that greets the halloween kids because the kids don't get scared when they see a dog in costume. The year I didn't dress up the door greeter, we had lots of small kids crying or terrified to get candy from me. So I'd much rather make myself smile at a pup in costume than have kids crying on my doorstep.

You put Panda in the chicken suit? I'm floored.

you didn't. so funny but so wrong. and they know it.

I love it! I wish I had the squirrel one. It would be such great revenge for what my furkids do to the sliding glass door when they see the evil squirrel in the backyard.

Mine have a witches hat and a pirate hat. I figure it is payback for the chewed up phone, remote control, shoes, kleenex boxes, etc.

Yes, they look completely humiliated but if I am ever lucky enough to be reincarnated into a dog, I would be scratching on your front door. Your dogs are the most happy dogs ever!

Thanks for the laugh. That squirrel costume is too much.

It seems that I am in the wrong blog :P anyway nice blog man!

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