In this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FriendFace reconnecting with people from your past is about as novel as a fax machines, which is just as well since I'm a complete hermit and never leave the house.

No, for me, the reunion was all about finding this.

Class book

This happens to be required reading for my class this term and it was a book I read, probably, 6-7 years ago just because. The problem? It was in one of 14 boxes that had been sitting in our garage for the past 3 years.

Digging for the book was unearthing years of my life. It's odd how just seeing a book can bring me right back to the time when I read it, good or bad.

Sundry Books

It's funny to find a long ago book on astrology in the box I opened after the box full of tomes on skepticism. If I laid everything out chronologically, it might well function as a sort of auto biography.

But what's even more telling are the arts and crafts books

Too many craft books

Sorted in piles I've tagged here, here and here, they are a cornucopia of good and ill conceived ventures in creativity. But even the country cross stitch and 80s teddy bear sweater books have a special place in my heart, not so much because I will ever (EVER) use them but because they take me back to another time in my life that I can hardly remember, some days.

Oh books, how I love you so. Now all we need are some book cases.


I love books as much as you do, but I have to say I am loving your shiny wood floors! Do the puppies slide on them?

Books are an autobiography aren't they? And each one is sooo significant, even if only for its insignificance! Love your comments about the arts and crafts books. Keep them, if only to keep someone else from mis-using them! lol.

It is my dream to someday accumulate enough books to have my own library. A room full of books, floor to ceiling, every wall, with a window or three and something comfy to read on! How does the quote go? "I have always imagined that heaven will be a kind of library." Borges.

Of course, packing, moving and unpacking personal libraries sounds like a kind of hell, if a nostalgic one.

Leaving the house is greatly overrated.

Have you seen High Fidelity where he organizes his records autobiographically? You should do that with the books!

I've always had a thing for books! When I was a kid my dad would drop me off at the library because I wanted to go and read all of the books I could find. I was a voracious reader when I was a kid. I was always paranoid that the librarian would kick me out for not staying in the children's section. Thank goodness she never did!! So started my love affair with all kinds of books.

I think I'm like you if I'm catching your meaning. You used to do stuff like astrology or tarot and now you are into critical thinking/rationality/skepticism? That's me anyways. I have boxes and boxes of books that you would never know ever belonged to me if you met me last month. And I, too, get a bit nostalgic.

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