1. Red berries covered in snow, 2. Bush in our back yard, 3. The last of our bachelor's buttons, 4. Pine needles

Ice makes everything look pretty, even our sad little bachelor's buttons.


Leo, Thea and Panda all chase each other around the yard.


Where there's dog, there's fetch.


The roads aren't great for driving, but they are fine for walking.

As you can see, it's a winter wonderland here in Portland. It's great knitting weather but I have a feeling I'll start to be a little stir crazy by Christmas. You should hear the local news, we're all doooooooooooomed.

The girls couldn't be happier, though.


Always winter and never Christmas!
Dogs are nice, but we really need Aslan.

Beautiful pictures!

the girls look like they're having a ball! and yes, the ice is so pretty.

Those red berries are gorgeous! The two trees in my backyard that normally have red berries this time of year got stripped early, so they are, sadly, bare of color. It was a combination of the cold snap we had in spring when the blossoms were out and then flocks of birds and a pair of hungry squirrels arriving a bit earlier than usual. Oh well!

I agree that the coating of ice makes everything look pretty. And "stir-crazy by Christmas" sounds about right, too!

that's about what it looks like around here &, even for the Chicago area, that's unusual - we don't have a White Christmas very often (altho I seem to remember a lot more of them when I was a wee one back in the 50's & early 60's). It's also been unusually cold - yesterday morning when I got up I checked Wunderground & it was -4°F with winds of 10-15 MPH gusting to 30 MPH. I haven't gone out at all (will be leaving in a bit for the health club tho). Malibu (of ALL places) had a half inch of snow last week. It's been in the 30"s in Palo Alto (where my daughter & her family will be in a week or so - they're leaving tonight - going to Mississippi to his folks & then slowly to PA) & they had 3 or 4" of snow last week too. Must be global warming.

Great wintery photos. That pic of Thea and Panda chasing Leo is a riot. Hope you and the family have a wonderful Holiday!!!

Wow, what a gorgeous winter postcard! So beautiful- but yeah, brrr! At least the girls are having a blast! :)

Oh, so pretty pretty! I love snow!

You know what, it rained here 1 day and all of a sudden it was Stormwatch 2008. Things haven't changed.

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