The sweet spot



I get up for 5 minutes and I lose my spot on the couch. Sheesh.

Still working on unbloggable items. Don't think I'll have anything crafty to post for a little while. You'll have to make due with dog photos until then.

Till next time, a Happy Festivus to all of you. May your grievances be aired and your feats of strength be impressive.


heheh SO cute! i love how both of their heads are tilted to the side.

Awwww, your babies are just the cutest! Happy Festivus to you too!

Hahahaha great photo! They are looking at you like "Don't tell me you want back in".

Yup, pretty much! :) Belly rubs all around!

Awww! Well, this is what you get when you leave a warm, comfy spot unattended! You've got SMART girls!

Merry Christmas! (Or, whatever.)

Happy Festivus to you too!

I just posted about my Festivus miracle! :D

My cats do that too...the pups are precious as always. May you and yours have a happy holiday. :)

They have no shame do they! ;) Jenny's been commandeering my mound of pillows every time I get up for my bathroom breaks since being home on bedrest. I'm starting to believe that she thinks this has been the best thing that has ever happened to her!

On those rare occasions when I try to sit on my couch (I usually use the recliner to watch TV), my cats sit in front of the couch on the floor & just glare at me - "How dare you sit on OUR couch!"

lovely holiday card. something about the textures, the colors, the lighting, and yes even the poses gives the sense of an old masters painting :) and perfectly paired with the time-honored tradition of festivus too!

We love Festivus! It rocks! Merry, happy, fa la la, etc. Hugs to you all and a big smile for Miss Panda's antics.

Wow, what adorable dogs!!! :)

Hee! Hee! Hee! This is such a great picture and they look so comfortable (hmm, they're not getting up to make room for you either, are they?!).

I'm terribly behind on my blog reading, so I was just cruising through my list of blog reads in my Google Reader, not even planning on taking time to leave comments, when I saw THIS picture. I literally burst out laughing, and had to come tell you how cute it is. Seriously, that is a hilarious shot of the girls!

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