It's not New Hampshire, and it's definitely not Los Angeles


This is my third winter in Portland. From what I can tell, winter is a lot of rain. We get an occasional bout of hail that leaves the yard looking like you just murdered a bean bag chair, and there might be a little flurry of flakes, but it rarely lasts long and almost never accumulates.

Well, this weekend, we got a little taste of some of the winter I remember from my childhood in New Hampshire. Of course, if I still lived there, I'd be holed up in a hotel until my power returned. This is way more my speed, for winter.


Can you see the couple in the background, trying to build a snowman?

The girls get seven kinds of frisky when their paws touch snow. Panda loves to roll in it and Thea wants to eat it.


These shots are from early in the day, so you can still see the grass peeking through, at the park. By nightfall, the roads were compressed into solid ice and there was about 5" of snow everywhere else. Anyone without chains on their tires were finding themselves struggling to stay on the roads.

I guess it's a testament to how rarely it snows here. I don't ever recall having chains on my car, in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. Roads are plowed and sand or salt are applied as needed. It took most of the night for that to happen around here.

Man alive, I love working from home.

Luckily, Leo's a real boyscout, and had his chains on before the sun set, yesterday, which means he just had to do a quick preflight check before leaving for work, and he was good to go.


Thea oversaw the process.


The girls are so cute, playing in the snow! It's so weird about the tire chains; out here in MI we thought they'd be prepared, but it still takes them forever to plow and salt. Of course, tire chains are outlawed, so we just stay inside until the roads are better. God bless four wheel drive!

This is my 5th winter here and only the second time we've seen this much snow. Last year in Eugene we got several inches but it was heavy and wet but it was warmer so it melted a lot faster than this will. The reason it takes so long to get things plowed and sanded/salted is because there's so few plows/sand trucks here. But anyone who drives through the passes has chains, so they just slap 'em on.

We don't salt here in pdx; that's why it's so different from back east! We just put down gravel for traction, but if it's icy, it slick, especially on all those side streets. Stay warm and safe!

Our dog loves making angels in the snow (at least that's what I call it)

i was surprised to hear you guys got snow! it is really pretty though. stay off the roads!

Brrr! Leo's such a trooper! I honestly cannot imagine living somewhere where going to work involved putting chains on my tires and digging out of snow. It was pouring down rain yesterday and it took all I had in me to leave the house!

the weather sure has been freakish so far this winter! We've had really cold weather & really warm weather - cold & snow last week - then Sunday it was 56 - Monday the high was 12 & yesterday we got several inches of snow. For the past 30-40 years the weather in the Chicago area is generally pretty mild with almost no snow. Generally, for some reason, New Year's Eve seems to usually be the first really cold day. This weather is what I remember winters being like when I was really little - back in the early 50's. Must be global warming!

Oh, man - we had our first snow (my first since I was a kid) here in Albuquerque, and puppers + snow means CUTE CUTE CUTE!! So fun.

I think I mostly enjoyed it because I work from home, too. No driving, just enjoying the pretty.

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