Day trip to Washington State


Sunday, we decided to head north on I-5, up to Washington state and pop over to the coast and see what we could find.

There was a bit of driving before we found a beach but our patience paid off.

IMG_0003.JPG IMG_0005.JPG

It had no name, but this was a beach you just drove onto. The dogs (and let's be honest, Leo) were drooling at the sight. We parked, and ran the girls to the shoreline for some fetch.

Thea nearly twists her own head off, playing tug.


The girls lay on the cute, to get Leo to throw the squirrel.


Then Leo chased Thea around while Panda played with her toy.


Can you see our car in the distance?

We got back in the car and headed to Long Beach, WA, where we hoped to find some dinner. Dinner we found and it had it all; high prices, slow service, and abysmal food. After all was said and done, we'd spent more on two appetizers, two entrees and some iced tea, than we normally spend on a fancy dinner and a bottle of wine, and it was so bad we left hungry. But I'm not bitter.

After that we had to wash down the shame and disappointment with another romp on the beach. What do you know? You can drive onto this beach too. Is this a Washington thing?

The girls didn't care, they were just glad to be able to run around some more.


And Panda had a proper shake-n-bake, leaving with her with a thick crispy crust. Don't worry, she managed to shed most of it before we got home and shook off the rest on the way into the house.


For the rest of the way home, we listened to an audio book, and watched as the sun set and a the light sprinkle formed a most lovely rainbow.


Not even a horrible and overpriced meal could ruin such a great day.


Oh looks like so much fun! Again, we wish we were there playing together.

Ick. It's no fun to be disappointed by a meal, especially when it's overpriced! But I'm glad the beach romps made up for it. The girls look so happy! I love the Panda shake and bake photo!

Looks like you had a great day, but what a drag about dinner! I always feel taken advantage of when that kind of thing happens.

looks like it was a great day trip! i am always amazed at the beauty of the pacific northwest.

Bummer about dinner, but I had to call Nick over to see the Panda pic. It's awesome.

And at least you are listening to a good book. Have you listened to Time Traveler's Wife? I saw it in your sidebar--it's probably one of the best audiobooks we've listened to.

Technically, the Oregon coasts are a public roadway too. I can't remember the exact terms, I just remember it from the driver's test.

Now for food, in Astoria, there is a tavern under the bridge right that has the BEST blu cheese burgers. yummmm!

I am guessing you drove within two blocks of my house when you went to the coast on the Washington side since my highway exit is the one that says Beaches this way.

We Washingtonians tend to cross the bridge to Rainer and take hwy 30 to Astoria and then cross that bridge back to get to Long Beach it is an hour to a half hour shorter. But I must agree the drive on our side is lovely.

I agree with the food down there. It never seems to satisfy me when I go to Long beach. Astoria has much better food.

Glad you enjoyed our little bit of coast. Our lab just goes nuts when we go to Long Beach for the day. I never know if we will get her back on the leash.

I love your beach trips! The girls always have so much fun! :)

I love "The Golden Compass". I want to name my little girl Lyra.

Driving on the beach is a washington thing. The beach is considered part of the highway system. Be careful though, my brother-in-law lost his car in the tide....

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