Crime of Fashion Reissued


Well, as many of you might now know, MagKnits is no more. It was such a great site, and I'm sad to see it go, but it sounds like it was the right choice for Kerrie, and ultimately, that's what matters.

Instead of simply throwing my Crime of Fashion pattern up onto my site in its original form, I decided to spend a few days redoing all the charts to be cleaner and easier to read and print. Additionally, instead of the 32 custom character charts I offered in the original pattern, I'm now offering 48 letters, numbers and graphics and I've made actual size graph paper and included that in the download, so people can make their own designs.

I've decided to charge $2 for the new improved version. I know this is going to be controversial for some folks. Another person who did this got some terse comments from people who don't feel a once free pattern should be sold at a later date. For my part, reformatting, and retooling the pattern took quite a few hours and the cost is low enough, that I hope most people will agree that it's a fair price. I did contact people on Ravelry who were working on the pattern, and offered to send them the old charts at no cost if they needed them.

If you are interested in making this pattern, you can click the button below.


Thanks so much.


$2? That's it? Forgive me here, but, ahem, don't you have to get paid somehow? Wasn't Magknits paying you and the other designers? They had advertisers and such, and I would think that you all would get paid something for your hours of charting, measuring, estimating yardage, knitting, frogging, swearing, drinking, wait, maybe that's just me. I think you're being more than generous by offering it free to those who've already started it. I think that it's cool that you're still willing to slug through it again since it's not available through Magknits. Bless your heart.

I personally think that's a MORE than fair price. I know how much work goes into a pattern, not everyone does, and some take it for granted. There will always be some who don't agree, no matter what you do. I think you're doing the right thing. ;)

For something that's that much work, and that cute? Totally more than fair.

I think it's really cool that you took the time to improve the charts, and $2 is a completely reasonable price.

I can't imagine quibbling over a mere $2 price tag for such a pattern as that. It's an awesome pattern and worth even more than that.

fashion crimes...always amuzing.

$2 or $20, the bottom line is that it's your pattern and you have every right to sell it, give it away, or do whatever you want with it! People will always find a way to come up with money for something they really want; if they don't want to cough up a measly $2 for the pattern, they probably don't want it badly enough.

I think $2 is a more than fair price, considering the work you've put into it! It's such a cool pattern.

I think you are setting a good example, helping all designers get fair payment for their work by asking for a small fee. I think its valuing the product, the art. Of course, its difficult to make everyone happy!

That is more then fair. A bunch of work goes into charting and reworking a pattern...people need to respect that.

That is more than fair. Your time is worth far more than that. You'll never make everyone happy because some people are only happy when they are unhappy and whining. Ignore them and do what you think is best.

Btw, is it double knit?

You know I agree with everyone else! I think that the next time I write up a pattern I will keep track of how many hours it takes to create it, knit the sample, re-size and format it. I am pretty sure that I have spent at least 15 hours tech editing Astoria for you, which gives me an idea of the gazillion hours that I have put into Mishka. I don't think many people have any idea how much work goes into this process in terms of effort or time. $2 is pretty paltry! We're lucky, because we both do this for "fun" (ha!) rather than to make a living, but I think that with that there comes the responsibility to hold certain standards so that we are not under-cutting all the designers out there who do this for "real"!

I would have charged $5. ^_^

Here's another "more than fair" comment. Plus, I know from experience, that $2 is totally worth the fabulous comments one will get while wearing this particular fashion crime. I think this scarf gets more comments than anything else I've knit.

I have to agree with what everyone else said. I am kinda glad to see this post. I was thinking of doing the same thing with the pattern that I had published there as well.

Geez - the nerve of some people! Do thay not expect a paycheck when they work? Or do they do their job just for the pleasure of helping out their bosses? $2 is exceedingly reasonable. These folks don't seem to understand that unless someone actually pays hard cash for knitting patterns in books or magazines, eventually there will be none. I appreciate free patterns but view tham as a gift & my mother raised me to never expect a gift but to be thankful for those I received! Seems these folks are doing the exact opposite - expecting a gift & still not appreciating it!

I'm with everyone else. This is more than fair, Marnie.

I agree with everyone also. $2.00 is more than fair. I personally think you should have charged a little more!

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