Not much to show


It feels like I haven't done too much lately. Work has been one crazy deadline after another and by the time the day is up, not even my crafting looks appealing to me.

I have made some incremental progress on the cotton cowl.

IMG_0020.JPG IMG_0017.JPG

I think you might even be able to make out some of that bleached effect, in these pictures. It's noticeable to me, but I've been staring at it for a couple weeks.

I've also purchased a few new tatting supplies.


I bought two balls of variegated thread, and three new shuttles. So far, I like the little hooks at the end of the Boye shuttles (the ones with the bobbins) but I find my original Clover plastic shuttles a little nicer to hold, because they are so light. It doesn't seem like the bobbin holds much more of the #5 pearl cotton, but I'm sure its fantastic with fine threads.

The pretty little silver shuttle is lovely to look at but with no hook or pick at the end, it requires that I always keep a fine crochet hook around for joining picots and that's just a bit of a drag.

I also got myself an inexpensive little picot guide (not shown). If I ever make anything that could be an heirloom, it'll sate my persnickety side that wants everything to be just right.

My humble little tatting collection all fits snuggly in a tea tin, right now.


I'm not sure how long that will last, but I like it for now. Since I've started working from home, I've gradually moved from being a coffee drinker to being exclusively a tea drinker, and I have many little tins and containers to prove it. Any opportunity to put them to good use fills me with a bit of glee.

Lastly, I've finished Leo's second beanie.


I've had this done for a while but black knits are a real beast to photograph and I've been dragging my feet on it.

I still want to knit him at least one more hat, in something easy to care for. The pima/silk blend is a delight to knit and wear, but he needs some real work horses to keep up with his beanie wearing schedule.


Pretty cowl. I love that your mum is going to dye it for you. A mother-daughter project - so sweet!

That beanie is cute, but I'm sure it would be cuter with Leo in it. :)

Pretty cowl. I love that your mum is going to dye it for you. A mother-daughter project - so sweet!

That beanie is cute, but I'm sure it would be cuter with Leo in it. :)

Love the simplicity of the beanie. Any chance you have a pattern for it? Need to make one for my hubby ...

Oh my goodness! All your tatting supplies fit into one little box! I remember when my entire knitting collection(needles and yarn) fit into one bag! Those were the days! Look out - you may soon have another stash on your hands!!

Something about the phrase beanie wearing schedule just cracks me up! I really don't notice the varigation in sweater. But sometimes that kind of thing is way more noticable in person!

I'm envisioning a future with many tea tins, each with it's own tatting project. I've been using the boxes that my checks come in.

Have you hit the Yarn Garden's Sipperie yet? They have wonderful tea. I recommend the Queen Catherine.

I can't wait to see how the verigated makes up! All your tatting is so pretty! :)

Hi Marnie, My first shuttle was the steel one with removable bobbin and built in hook. After finding the Clover shuttles I knew I would never use the first one again! I realized how heavy it was and I was frequently getting the hook caught on stuff while working, very annoying. I also bought a pretty silver one with floral engraving. It is beautiful, but, again too heavy, and I found when using it with white thread my work was coming out slightly gray. That never happened with the steel one or the plastic ones. Clovers are it for me. I'll still buy others (new and antique) just to collect and have, but I'll only use the Clovers!

Happy tatting!! (and knitting!)


Hey, you've got a lot more to show than me! I've been a bit of a slacker lately, exhausted from trying to catch up on work after being on vacay. *yawn* (Seriously, I just yawned!) Oy.

The cowl looks yummy, and I know Leo's happy about his beanie. Forgot to tell you, but I bought a pair of clover shuttles for my Portland tatting lesson.

Busy, busy! That cowl is looking beautiful!!

i love it. i've been looking for a new beanie since my last one that fit perfectly got lost in the laundry.. i have an average size cranium and it came down to the middle of my ears, not covering them. (what can i say, im picky about beanies)

Do you knit these? I may consider buying one from you if you make them for people.

All the best

Your tatting is coming along nicely! Good news...there are bobbin style shuttles available with more user friendly hooks that are PLASTIC and light so you can have the best of both worlds! Just thought I'd let you know! There is a brand called "Aero" that is out there and an Aero knockoff that you can find at lace shows. Sometimes at craft stores you can find a plastic bobbin style tatting shuttle with the little hook called "Susan Bates" brand. Susan Bates makes both bobbin and post style shuttles. (Post shuttles are like your Clovers). Happy Tatting! Feel free to visit my tatting blog anytime! There are tons of links to other tatting sites and blogs available there! :)

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